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Suppressed Technologies -Tesla, Hutchison, WTC 9/11, Space War, UFO-made in U.S. - staging terrorism by ET and more.

USA, Liberty! Defend U.S Constitution and capitalism- free market system- the key to Life, Liberty, Prosperity and Inventions.

We should work less and be more wealthy due to technological advancement. but we are not becuse of predatory monopoly powers that enslave us.

Suppression of technology by government regulation, new laws, granting total market/price control to predators and monopolies.

Do not ever forget these technologies. They are hidden by current system -communist monopolies to make money on us to keep the slavery and idiocy. 

Tesla, John Hutchison effect, Stanley Meyers water furl technology, John Bedinis -Tesla motor replication, water powered motor invention by G.H. Garrett, Andrea Rossi's - Cold fusion energy.

We must destroy all the lies of the NWO and barbaric public servants- the mutants that energy is scarce and that we must pay money to Al Gore so he can fix it!

Energy is all around us and is free for the taking! Free Energy will stop these Fake Wars
over oil!

Watch this movie Thrive  

(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

We should live in prosperity and work less due to the advancements in technology but we are moving back to the stone ages under this current Satanic- NWO- communism, the dictatorship system.

Thrive Doc. Exposes N.W.O, Suppressed Energy, Cancer Cures plus SOLUTIONS! 1/2

Stop the crime, corruption, terrorism of public servants and monopolies.

Comply with U.S. Constitution now or we are slaves, dying of starvation and mass extermination under this current NWO -Zionist Communist system structure.

Free Energy will stop the new world order from controlling us! Spread this article all around the world! Pop the Champagne! The day we have waited for is finally here! A real free energy device is being produced right now and you will soon be able to buy one!

Antigravity and Advanced Tesla Science

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Tesla

We should work less and be more wealthy due to technological advancement. but we are not becuse of predatory monopoly powers that enslave us.
The right to be wealthy.

Nikola Tesla - unlimited free energy forever THEY don’t want you to know about. Zero Point Energy.

Tesla The Race to Zero Point Free Energy

Hosted by Bill Jenkins, formerly of ABC Radio, this comprehensive documentary features physicists and inventors who are challenging orthodox science to bring this non-polluting technology forward despite ridicule and suppression. See actual working prototypes that defy classical physics including phenomenal experiments in anti-gravity and the transmutation of metals.

Andrea Rossi  - Cold Fusion - Clean Energy


Andrea Rossi and Cold Fusion

War on Cold Fusion by established criminal element in oil industry, media, education system.. and our corrupted government  - The Hidden Truth Exposed – Free energy.
UFOTV: War on Cold Fusion - The Hidden Truth Exposed

Hutchison Effect - Hutchison demonstrates Zero Point Energy

Video is below

Hutchison demonstrates Zero Point Energy- Antigravity - Flying objects, Particles falling apart in demolition, melting.
I like Hutchison effect - moving objects in the space like magic, falling particles apart.

See also video

John Hutchison –page on Google – WTC 9/11 possible terror by utilizing Hutchison effect – demolition into particles. See the link below.


Hutchison Effect 2006 Remix – on Google

The Hutchison-Effect is back, with never-before-seen footage in our exclusive 2006 Remix-Edition. This must-see compilation features the classic levitation, jellification of metals, and transmutation effects in a montage of restored footage that you've seen on TV, and lost footage that you simply have to see to believe! John Hutchison's work has been documented since the early 1980's on several mediums, which George Hathaway compiled in 1991 into a single 6-hour video featuring everything that he could find on the effect. Our remix strips it down to the bare-minimum: 4-minutes of intense footage showing you the Hutchison-Effect like you've never seen it before!
90712676#docid=-674004760433967406 .

Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan, after this the earth quake came in Japan. Anybody talking about car run on water?

Water Powered Car! No More Gasoline!

Stanley Meyers Fuel Injector Technology Disclosed

Water Car Inventor Murdered

WTC - Mass Murder - 9/11 - NWO- Zionist- communist job.
Videos - evidence - 9/11 terror leading to Zionists and Israel.

Alan Sabrosky Pt1 of 7 100% Sure Israel - Rogue US Gov.did 9/11

Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11?


Article WTC -9/11 -  Israel did 9/11

Zelikow's Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up - Zionist Jewish terrorist.

WTC 9/11 - Demolition -Possible Hutchison effect.

Dr Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson on WPFW - We Ourselves 18th Jan 2008 In a 2nd programme, Dr Wood and John Hutchison and Andrew Johnson discuss how it looks as if the WTC was destroyed by some type of technology related to the Hutchison Effect

Videos- Hutchison Effect - Must Watch

9/11 - WTC Destruction and the Hutchinson Effect - Part 2

John Hutchison - The Hutchison Effect - Seattle Presentation

High Definition Clip of WTC Turning to Dust on 9/11 (Slow Motion)

Unseen footage-Tower7 blasted into the rubble from new angle.

No bodies, just body parts were found.

There were no bodies, only body parts and this looks like Hutchison effect. I saw some videos and fake body were falling. Fake are done by computer animation. I do computer animation and I can tell if it was fake because the animator left the frame of the picture around the falling body.

Pulverized Human Remains Point to Explosive Destruction


150+ More Body Parts Found at WTC Ground Zero

The jumpers of 9/11 are all fake. See above video - only body parts were found and it looks like Hutchison effect again.

I share the opinion that falling man is a fake because there is the frame left in .Gif - an animation format. I know how to do an animation and I can recognize the frame left in the picture around the body. This is a confirmation that only body parts were found and this implies an explosion into particles by Hutchison effect.

Pentagon - 9/11 -possible bunker buster bomb

GBU-28 Laser-Guided "Bunker Buster"Bomb

The pentagon was not hit by a airliner. See for yourself

Demolition of the building by implosion-animation.

File:Athlone_cooling_towers_demolition_2010-08-22.gif .

Demolition by implosion

wiki/Building_implosion .

Tesla - Flying anti-gravity machine is real - not UFO

UFOs or "flying saucers" are man-made, not "alien space ships"

Potential NWO- Nuclear Attack by Tesla - real anti gravity machine, staging Alien invasion.
It could destroy millions of the people, staging alien nuclear attacks and the effect –suck in... the people into the air like bible predicted. It is based on Hutchison effect, moving object in the air – anti gravity.

Actually Tesla's "flying stove" used an electro-propulsion system ( anti-gravity) which was to be powered by external power stations and Tesla's 'wireless transmission of energy-system' or with a power generator inside the craft. See more,


Hidden planes and infrastructure in the space based on Tesla antigravity technology.

I saw this on Google Earth - Possible space war with ET, military space bases and experiments. Missing Trillions of US$ from Pentagon.

What NASA isn't telling you!!!  Video is below, use Google Earth - the Sky to see that.

Review again Hutchison effect  and experiments based on Tesla antigravity technology. See also below articles and government defense project- DARPA- new technologies and airplains  that look the same as in the space in this video, the shape.

9/11 - WTC Destruction and the Hutchison Effect - Part 2 Government seized Hutchison laboratory and all assets.

NASA STEREO BEHIND 195 Satellite Reveals Her Secrets: 
WE ARE NOT ALONE . . .UFO's Around the Sun 

See some activities, I believe it is made in USA and possible ET.

See also -  UFO activity on the Sun !!! (2011-07-18).wmv 
I believe, it is made in USA.

DARPA– The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA missing plane

Alex Jones said real plane Aurora project not UFO.  I share his opinion and I expect staged terrorism - UFO attack- terrorism by advanced planes based on Tesla anti gravity, Hutchison effect-demolition into particles....

 DARPA's Lost Hypersonic Aircraft Hoax! & Navy Seal Team 6 Re-Write Story? - Alex Jones Tv 

2.3 TRillion Dollars Missing from DOD Day before 911 2001 Rumsfeld LIES 
I believe it went for DARPA - reserch projects, hidden space infrastructure.

 Pentagon's Hypersonic Plane Goes Missing 2011

Summary Black budget, black projects - It is real

Missing trillions of money .
Northrop -B2 ATB stealth bomber -Electro gravitic propulsion system .
We could save 60 % of energy on regular plains but they are not accessible for commercial use.
TT Brown propulsion.

Black projects aurora plane evidence 

Ultimate Weapons- X-47B

Lockheed Falcon unmanned aircraft - Darpa project

The TRUTH About the Aurora Hypersonic Jet

It looks real -UFO or Secret Military Aircraft - China Stealth Chemtrails

Top Secret Water Jet (Hidden since 1983)

This is not UFO, it looks like made in USA- Tesla antigravity machine.
=related .

DARPA VULTURE -  unmanned aircraft - I saw them on Google Sky- long lines, particle beam - laser weapons.

USA'S new advanced uav x47b

Future Weapons: Airborne Laser

I believe that Satan-NWO and his chosen evils -communists are occupying our planet under NWO-global dictatorship system structure as per Protocols of Zion.

All governments are the puppets of NWO-Zionist - communist-global mafia including the national banks. They are serving Satan, they are the enemies of all people, America and the enemies of U.S. Constitution-the right to Life, Liberty, Prosperity.

All people have the right to evil-barbaric socialist-communist opinion and evil dreams including religion but the civilized rule of law was created to comply with.

Comply with the civilized rule of law or you are barbarian under own idiocy, barbarism-socialism-Commun​ism-fascism or religious dictatorship in a political power.

There is only one truth and one legal document that is above all other laws including religious laws - U.S. Constitution - the right to Life, Liberty, Prosperity.

Unite and follow U.S. Constitution. It is holy document created by God and delivered to our founding fathers to the benefit of all people in the world. All other documents are not legal. They are written by Satan as per Protocols of Zion. Unite and follow U.S. Constitution.

Terminate illegal communist banking monopoly –the FED- the power of Satan and all other “nation banks”. Create own money, debt free, interest free.

Zionist-Jewish-Bolsheviks are in charge of FED, as per Protocols of Zion. They are the same banking criminals, Bolsheviks -Rothschild … who financed Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, implemented Communism in many countries and exterminated more than 150 million of innocent people by food control-starvation and mass murder. They financed also Hitler and Holocaust. Expect the same now, mass murder and arrival of new Hitler.

Zionist Bolsheviks are in charge of all governments, infiltrated Christian churches including Vatican, Islamic mosques, Jewish synagogues, other religious establishments - preaching communist Marx theory, infiltrated media, infiltrated education system.., standing in the shadows, invisible power of Satan, keeping illegal control of most national banks, collapsing global economies, printing illegal money, extorting bail-outs and charging us with the debt, buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies, limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creating an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars.

 See "chosen people" by Satan – NWO – Zionists- communists as per document –The Protocols of Zion created by Satan and they represent hate, death, slavery, poverty.

Our Holy-Grail- U.S. Constitution represents the love of God for the people, life, liberty, prosperity.

 God is one, the truth is one and the truth can never be destroyed by Satan and his communist-Bolshevik –Satanic “chosen people” and servants. The judgement day is coming as bible predicted and they will burn in the hell to infinity.
The NWO plan - The Protocols of Zion

George Washington
U.S. Constitution, created by ET-God, delivered to the founding fathers-the right of all people to - Life, Liberty, Prosperity

watch?v=6P_0MYR6swk . .

Medieval battle  - Good versus evil continues for ages.
Satan took the control of whole planet  Earth and is ruling now with his communist servants as per Protocols of Zion – the dictatorship implementing communism-NWO-global dictatorship.
Follow U.S. Constitution  to destroy Satan and elect Ron Paul = U.S. Constitution=Life, Liberty and Prosperity.
God bless all people.

Nuclear detonation - mass murder is coded on One Dollar U.S.Bill
Heaven & Hell on the One Dollar Bill & the Great Pyramid on the Dark Side of the Moon Satan 2/7

Potential - NWO-Bolshevik nuclear-biological terrorism - possible nuclear power plant and weapon explosions-an inside job.

NWO-Communists killing our military intelligence, soldiers, intelligence, public servants, innocent people.

HAARP - is a weapon of Mass Destruction - New Madrid is due now

JAPAN Earthquake Nuclear Fukushima ☢Attack, Haarp, japan ☢☢USA NEXT?☢NWO

HAARP Plasma Weaponry UFO's

SCALAR WEAPONS - Test Run on the Animals 

A scalar weapon is a massive electromagnetic pulse bomb. It generates EM pulses before "detonating," releasing a massive blast that destroys every piece of electronics in the area, while leaving the epicenter and weapon completely unharmed.


Scalar weapons

Newest Laser Weapons to date 


The U.S. Defense Department on Thursday announced that it has successfully conducted the first test flight of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) concept vehicle- 11/18/2011
The Army on Thursday conducted its first flight test of a new weapon capable of traveling five times the speed of sound.

DARPA's Falcon HTV 2

NWO – t to implement one world religion under NWOPROJECT BLUE BEAM of NASA

 Blue Bean Project -NASA Project

The Blue Beam Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old, as major an event as that which occurred 2,000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale.

ILLUMINATI The Blue Beam Project Top Secret 1

Potential NWO-Nuclear Attack by Tesla - real antigravity machine made in USA, staging Alien -UFO invasion like in the movie titled-Skyline. We have all technology to do it.

See the Movie –Skyline Triller. It looks like Hudschison Effect – sucking people into the air, changing them into particles by Hutchison effect, antigravity. Do not forget that FEMA camps are waiting.  

 Skyline Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Skyline Trailer 2 (2011)HD 


Pentagon Scientists Use ‘Time Hole’ to Make Events Disappear

Soldiers could one day conduct covert operations in complete secrecy, now that Pentagon-backed physicists have figured out how to mask entire events by distorting light.

A team at Cornell University, with support from Darpa, the Pentagon’s out-there research arm, managed to hide an event for 40 picoseconds (those are trillionths of seconds, if you’re counting). They’ve published their groundbreaking research in this week’s edition of the journal Nature.

This is the first time that scientists have succeeded in masking an event, though research teams have in recent years made remarkable strides in cloaking objects. Researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas, last year harnessed the mirage effect to make objects vanish. And in 2010, physicists at the University of St. Andrews made leaps towards using metamaterials to trick human eyes into not seeing what was right in front of them.

Masking an object entails bending light around that object. If the light doesn’t actually hit an object, then that object won’t be visible to the human eye.
read more

Wow look at this,  it just came. We can predict UFO attack next, made in U.S.A - Tesla - Flying anti-gravity machine is real.

MUST SEE!! Larry King confirms the existence of the UFOs on CNN.  See the idiocy of media.

Suppression of technology by government regulation, new laws and granting total market/price control to predators and monopolies.

The price of oil - Total market Control.

Criminals controlling the price of oil like Rockefeller's .. and our primitive - barbaric government servants are very unhappy about new invention. Price control, market control. monopolies are not legal in USA under U.S. Constitution and antitrust laws - Sherman Antitrust Act.
See this, total production ...cost in Middle East is $12.00 in the Gulf of Mexico is $45.00 but today's price is almost $100.00 , it is illegal price and this is the transfer of the wealth from all people to few wealthy and monopoly, keeping the control of oil prices and market share. Terminate our current Bolshevik government, illegal monopolies and market/price control.

Picken Plan - Solar wind energy -tries to implement by mandatory means -this is illegal.

Attempt to sell natural gas with a California Ballot Initiative by Boone Picken.

In November 2008, California voters rejected a referendum by a 60% to 40% margin regarding natural gas. Pickens owns Clean Energy Fuels Corporation, a natural gas fueling station company[29] that was the primary backer of the November 2008 Proposition 10 on California's ballot. Much of the measure's sale of $5 billion in general fund bonds to provide alternative energy rebates and incentives ($9.8 billion after interest) would have benefited Pickens' company to the exclusion of almost all other clean-vehicle fuels and technology.[30]

Suppressed technologies -Inventions

Government involvement in suppressed inventions.

Illuminati's Biggest Crime? Suppressing Tesla Technology

Zero Point Energy Magnetic Power Generator - Fully Power Your Home For Free

A zero point magnetic power generator is a generator that uses magnets to utilize energy. There are many people that would find this to be hard to believe but it is a reality. A magnet has energy but does not require an energy input. When you try to connect the same polls together on a magnet, you will feel the force repelling them. This is how a magnetic generator utilizes magnets to produce energy to run a home.

read more

Zero Point Magnetic Power Generator- Top 10 Reasons to Build Your Own

The zero point energy generator is a revolutionary generator that uses batteries and a magnet to run and it is claimed that it has the ``power to run a house and has energy to burn’’. Invented in 2001 by an Australian engineer and zero point magnetic power generators were ready to be marketed commercially by 2005, but it has not yet made it to the market place, nobody is able to understand why?
A possible reason is that the major power companies are somehow preventing it being mass produced, in fear that will adversely affect their multi $billion business

read more

Contour Crafting: Automated Construction - 3D printer could build a house in 20 hours.

Contour Crafting

Destroy NWO- dictatorship system structure-Stop total control of the market.

U.S.A. Liberty. Defend our Constitution and Capitalism - free market system- the key to freedom and prosperity.

Terminate public schools breeding idiocy, fanaticism, terrorism.
We need to fire communists occupying our government and break up  illegal monopolies under antitrust laws- Sherman Antitrust Act.
Congress must terminate first FED- illegal banking monopoly- printing illegal money, buying all global resources and taking total market/price control driving us to poverty and starvation.

NWO-dictatorship- Videos - Brother Nathanael, Glenn Beck


Alien races.  I believe that ET, other races exist. We need to do more research.

I love this description, I share the opinion 100% , see above link for more.

They are breeding now genetic mutants, humans and animals and I think that most humans will become robots- primitive slave labor. I do not see any intelligence in our government,
except Ron Paul and most people are uneducated masses loving the current slavery called socialism=fascism=Communism

m This is the fact.! Planet earth is under evil -NWO- Zionist dictatorship system structure breeding the idiocy, slavery, terrorism, wars, poverty, starvation.

"The Greys masters assigned agenda, is to create a slave race which is currently in full swing, for the purposes of control, physical services, labor and, sexual energy.
Now I will explain this. The acts of feeding, war, anger, psychic energy,
genetic experiments, hybrids as a food source, genetic and biological materials. The Greys and their Masters feed off this,
our energy. As examples: If two people are fighting, they create a lot of emotional negative energy. And this is why you will
find, that whenever there are wars going on, there's a lot of UFO activity. Negative energy! They just feed off it. It's liken
to when your making love to your man or to your wife, and you reach that moment where you are both at the same place at
the same time, in a loving benevolent way. That's how it feels for them regarding negative energy release. The energy of
fear, that rush of adrenaline, young teens on a battlefield running around scared, this is what they crave, all of the negative
emotional aspects."

Evidence of human civilization on Mars

Evidence - Mars civilization –infrastructure, building, roads, railroad human and animals monuments, forest, water, lake….

Crater Hale – Civilization evidence

Mars Civilization- directory

Mars- Crater Hale – ESA Agency- large image

I found also the images, monuments - humans, animals and civilized infrastructure. We need to darken this picture zoom in and see monuments in the mountain: human heads, lion, dog, monkey, above the city. I used also negative image and saw more. Crater Hale – large image


Must read that.

Fake second coming- Fake alien invasion


The Russian Space Program 

The Space Shuttle Attacks 

Nazis In America 

Secret Colonization Of The Moon And Mars 


Scientology And Aliens

Alien Alliances

Alien Technology At Pine Gap

Australian Alien Bases

Mind Control And Surveillance From Pine Gap

Montauk Time Travel

Changing The Gridlines 


The Merovingians

The Human "Ascension" Experiment

The Alien Brotherhood Arrives
Massive rotating torus on lunar surface to beam energy to earth
Japanese Corporation Plans to Turn the Moon Into a Massive Solar Power Plant
Read more:

The 3D Printing Revolution


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