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NWO-dictatorship- Videos - Brother Nathanael, Glenn Beck

USA, Liberty! In God We Trust. Defend our Constitution, defend Capitalism free - market system and exterminate illegal communist type banking monopoly the FED, the heart of  NWO- Zionist-Jewish - Communism - the dictatorship system structure.

See communists in U.S. Government taking away our prosperity and liberty, implementing communism www.commieblaster.com

We are under global  NWO- Zionist-Jewish-communist mafia, old barbaric dictatorship system under a new name and the dream of Hitler and Stalin. This system must collapse as it is collapsing now and these criminals in power will make the same career like Hitler. I expect that they will have new CEO-offices in FEMA camps.

Recognize the current communism system structure based on the evidence, all financial crimes, the collapse of global economy with FED - illegal communist type banking monopoly-Jewish Zionist control, printing illegal money, under illegal Fractional Banking System, collapsing economies and buying global resources at discount to take totalitarian control.

Zionist media are in the control to hide all crimes. Link the crimes to the Masters to see the truth identity of criminals and their global mafia system structure. 

I share most opinions with Jewish Brother Nathanael. They are the best.

Obama's Zionist Masters


Zionist control - Congress, White House, Wall Street, Media, Hollywood ..Seats Of Jewish Power 


Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Pt 1 - FED owners are Jewish -Zionists.

Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Pt 2

New York reserve branch to maintain payment system.

Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Pt 3

FED threatens with economic collapse if FED audited – R. Paul.

Federal Reserve System - By Glenn Beck

I do not share all opinions with Glenn Beck because he is working for Zionist Jewish media in control. Alex Jones is also not disclosing the truth face of Zionist Jewish mafia.

History of The Fed on Glenn Beck (1-3) Mar 25, 2011

With G. Edward Griffin and Mark Calarbia

Private ownership. The history.

History of The Fed on Glenn Beck (2-3) Mar 25, 2011

FED-Ponzi Scheme.  Printing money - digitizing by an accounting entry.

FED –NWO- money power, buying all  powers: political, unions, media, companies.
FED -the threat to economy, inflation.

History of The Fed on Glenn Beck (3-3) Mar 25, 2011

Printing money creating inflation and real inflation is about 20%.

Owners of FED - The Rothschilds Exposed 1/3- accumulated more than ½ of total global wealth - $500 Trillion. Part 2 and 3 is under video.

Ron Paul on  FED  - I share this opinion with him.

There was  no legal authority or Constitutional  authority to create FED by Congress.

Creating inflation. People lost more than  95 % of purchasing power since the creation of FED.

FED creates collapses of economy by printing money.

This is the transfer from poor to rich. The truth is that  few rich individuals or monopolies will benefit.

Who owns Media.
Jewish dominated media and propaganda. Media control is not legal under Sherman Antitrust Act and it should be terminated and broken up to comply with the rule of law- Freedom of Speech.
Who Owns The Media?  An answer : Jewish Zionist - media control.

Mt Athos Prophecies on '666'
European Union -EU- is Zionist dictatorship. World economy is under Zionist dictatorship.

Obama's Zionist Masters - Zionist Jews

How The Jewish Lobby Works - APAC Lobby, ADL

AIPAC's   Prelude To Treason 2011 – Jewish Lobby.

The ADL's War On White America

The Zionists Behind FEMA Camps

Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck?- for speaking the truth about George Soros

The Jewish Talmud Exposed

Japan, Quakes & The Jewish Question  -No HAARP involvement.

The Zionist Plan For Libya –Zionist puppet installed.

Egypt has new dictator.

9/11's Unanswered Question - an inside job, cover up job.

In my opinion this is terrorism by NWO- Zionist Jewish-communist mafia- Terrorism to keep us in totalitarian power and to take the power of our U.S. Military and to make the wars to keep totalitarian power.

Zionist 'Thugs' Behind America's Police State – Jews in charge of  DHS -Lieberman and  Chertoff  awarded contracts for scanners – porno scanners. Mass arrest of students.

 Internet - Kill switch Bill – author is Lieberman to fight homegrown -terrorism.
Andrea Mitchell

Breaking Zionist Power ADL- Zionist organization- to corrupt publishing books,  in schools.

The Destiny of America –  Banks, financiers - Shipping jobs to China

Immigration -Conquest Through Immigration –by Jewish  Brother Nathanael

Immigration – Open immigration law 1965 – open the flood gate.
2% of Jewish minority is in charge in America.

Zionists - ADL, ACLU-unions. Destroy Christianity, western civilization, prosperity through immigration to take totalitarian control = communism. We are invaded by immigrants, implementing communism, creating welfare state.

Presidential Picks For 2012

Zbig Brzezinski Admits Zionist power


Website -Jewish  Brother Nathanael

See the history - Jewish Bolshevism


The Jewish Bolshevik revolution. All communists governments exterminated 150 million of innocent people under the leadership of Zionists-communists.

The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism

International Jewish Communism

Jewish Communists-Bolsheviks

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Dr. William Pierce 

See the evil's "chosen people" - Zionist-Jewish communists as per evil's document -
The Protocols of Zion.!
  They are standing  in the shadows, invisible government and our public servants are their puppets. Puppets of Evil under a new Name NWO- New World Order.

Zionist -Jewish -Bolsheviks are in charge of FED, as per Protocols of Zion. They are the same banking criminals, Bolsheviks -Rothschild … who financed Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, implemented Communism in many countries and exterminated more than 150 million of innocent people by food control-starvation and mass murder. They financed also Hitler and Holocaust. Expect the same, mass murder and arrival of new Hitler.

Zionist Bolsheviks are in charge of all governments and banks standing in the shadows, invisible power of Satan, keeping illegal control of most national banks, media, collapsing global economies, printing illegal money, extorting bail-outs and charging us with the debt, buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies, limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creating an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars.

See "chosen people" by Satan – NWO – Jewish Bolsheviks as per document –The Protocols of Zion created by Satan and they represent hate, death, slavery, poverty.

Our Holy-Grail- U.S. Constitution represents the love of God for the people, life, liberty, prosperity.


See all communists and crimes against us under new name NWO and the truth will set us free that we are again under NWO-Zionist-Jewish communism. Brother Nathanael videos are conforming also the truth that Jewish-Zionists are in totalitarian control. Never say never again. I love you. James Bond . This is also according to The protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion -global totalitarian control.
US War Dept Report Authenticates Protocols of Zion In 1919
Zionists funded Hitler, used and killed innocent Jewish people. 

The Bolshevik Murder Machine - No Camps, No Gas, Just a Bullet.

Jewish Bolsheviks took the control of our U.S. government, they control the money-illegal FED and military.
Our national debt is out of control and there will not be any money to pay for our Veterans, Military, intelligence services, Social Security, poor.

See Bolshevik-Jewish mass murder of top Polish Military and intelligence -WWII.

Expect the same that our American military and intelligence will be exterminated. Expect also new Hitler.

President Kennedy killed by Communist- Jewish Bolshevik bankers.
Terminate Ponzi-Scheme, financial terrorist - FED- illegal, unconstitutional Zionist-communist banking monopoly. Government can print our own money, debt free, interest free- United States Notes.

JFK was killed by bankers for the creation of our nation money.


Jewish-Zionist Mafia
Zionist- Jewish  learned for centuries how to survive and master the crimes including financial fraud. Russian Jewish Bolsheviks and crimes are the worst. Bolshevik mafia in control exterminated about 70 million of people in Soviet Union and they hide this in Zionist controlled media making us "racist" , old Jewish crime cover up. Mafia is in drug business, prostitution, arms-illegal trading and also casinos..
Russian Mafia is in fact Jewish (part 1)


Recognize the current communism system structure based on the evidence, all financial crimes, the collapse of global economy with FED - illegal communist type monopoly-Jewish Zionist control, printing illegal money, under illegal Fractional Banking system, collapsing economies and buying global resources to take totalitarian control.

How the Banks and Stock exchange is dominated by Jews(part1)

How the Banks and Stock exchange is dominated by Jews(part2)

NWO continues and our public servants are making new laws, against our Constitution and all rights and selling USA to totalitarian powers under United  Nations control.

UN - Agenda 21, Project 60  - Idaho,  public servants sold land to China  for the debt. Depopulation, labor camps, confiscation - no property rights. 

UN - Agenda 21- NWO - global dictatorship.
Depopulation, labor camps, confiscation - no property rights under different project name.  


China buys IDAHO. President Obama Allows this through Project 60 - UN-Project 21

Project 60 - UN-Project 21

Chinese Communist Gov't setting up shop in the US. Americans, if you do not see how serious this is and what this really means, you better start learning at lightspeed what this means.

Communist China Purchases US State Idaho - Pastor Mike Hoggards Holy Spirit Perspective.

The Chinese Government Is Buying Up Economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States

UN- Project -21 -  ICLEI - International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Volusia County Council audio ICLEI and Agenda 21 2-3-2011
Agenda 21 is illegal, un-ratified, un-American, and will be defeated and repealed at every level. They have bypassed congress and gone directly to our local counties and cities to instill their global agenda. Private property=Freedom. We are under full scale attack!


Ron Paul exposes United Nations plan to destroy US (1990's?)

United Nations Exposed - Part 2

North American Union - It is illegal.


North American Union -  SPP- Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America -  NWO-Agenda -Open border- illegal immigration policies and Global Free trade.

 NWO- Zionist communists policies: Free global trade-communist concept exterminating American jobs, prosperity and freedom, open borders, illegals- communist concept

See NWO -Communists puppets: Former president Bush, prime minister of Canada, President of Mexico, signed illegal Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Current communist puppet Obama continues illegal immigrants policies of NWO-Zionist -Jewish-communist mafia.


SPP -North American Union 

 Deport all communists puppets of NWO-Zionists -communists to Israel. Deport communist Bush, communist Obama ..... to Africa, Israel...Confiscate first all their wealth as damages.

NORTH AMERICAN UNION EXPOSED on Lou Dobbs w/ Marcy Kaptur & Bill Tucker 


Obama supports NWO- Zionist communist agenda- open borders,  illegal immigration, global free trade, exterminating American jobs, prosperity and freedom.

North American Union, RFID, CFR & Amero EXPOSED 


G. Edward Griffin on the United Nations - Totalitarian system by elite: CFR, Rockefeller's, bankers, JP.Morgan, Murdoch - Jewish-Zionists.


Search for more videos on Y-Tube

George Soros -NWO- Zionist mafia is attempting to convert America to Communism with Obama's help.

George Soros -communist - NWO - Jewish - Zionist communist - mafia  is attempting to convert America to Communism with Obama's help as puppet President.


George Soros wants to collapse U.S. $ to implement world currency system. NWO-Jewish-Zionist Communist mafia wants to collapse our economy to take over totalitarian control. FEMA camps are waiting for us. Communists are looting from America, redistributing our wealth out of control. 

U.S. debt is growing out of control, deficit is increasing and we are facing credit downgrade, currency collapse, economy collapse because our debt to GDP ratio is very high, almost 100% and the payment on current interest and principal might take whole tax revenues if looting continues.


George Soros openly discusses New World Order, SDR's, Dollar Decline, World Currency under UN, IMF.

 George Soros - See more videos

Obama Rothschilds Choice (Full Movie) Americas Jewish President

David Icke ☼ They Dare Not Speak Its Name ... ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM

Zionist Terrorism in Norway

Rothschild - Jewish Masters and the Enslavement of African People


WTC - Mass Murder - 9/11 -  NWO- Zionist-Jewish communist job.

Videos - evidence - 9/11 terror leading to Zionists and Israel.Alan Sabrosky Pt1 of 7 100% Sure Israel - Rogue US Gov.did 9/11


9/11's Unanswered Question

See also this website with more details - people in charge

Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11?


Zelikow's Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up  -  Zionist Jewish terrorist.

Revolutionary- communist arms of global NWO-Zionist-communist mafia doing Bolshevik-communist type revolution, demanding communism.

Communist Unions - revolutionary arm of global NWO-Zionist-communist mafia.


Illegal immigrants making communist revolution.



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