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Oil Production cost. Price and volume-output control to get maximum price, profits and tax revenue at our cost.

Government, monopoly predators, cartels like OPEC would not miss this opportunity to control the prices of oil to get maximum money at our cost.

Higher prices = higher revenue to the oil producers at our cost.
Lower currency - US $  = higher oil prices at our cost..

Exterminate illegal oil monopolies/cartels and illegal market/price/output control.

Solution- Comply with U.S. Constitution and Capitalism -free market system under Antitrust laws against all monopolies and illegal market/price control.

Solution to all problems : illegal price/market control, inflation, poverty, slavery, terrorism, wars..
is to comply with U.S. Constitution or you are dead.

Terminate illegal, unconstitutional banking monopoly the FED, terminate also Fractional Banking System- it means increase own capital, reduce debt/leverage secure all money by own capital/assets.

Comply with Antitrust legislation -Sherman Antitrust Act, Restore -Glass Steagall Act-applicable to banks to kill to big to fail to big to jail predators, monopolies to stop illegal market and price control.
Break down all predators/monopolies, limit their market share to increase competitive forces to lower the prices. Increase capital requirements, reduce leverage to reduce speculation and systemic risk to the whole economy

Ron Paul "There's A Simple Solution To All This & That Is Obey The Constitution!"

Repeal the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000

Oil speculators are manipulating the commodities market while the American people bleed! Clean out the Clowns in Washington DC and save America..... why are the politicians acting like communists and letting this uncontrolled GREED destroy our country?

Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000

See also - American Financial Stability Act -2012

An Act to promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system, to end "too big to fail", to protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts, to protect consumers from abusive financial services practices.

Stop illegal price and market control. Stop financial terrorism of public servants.
Higher oil prices will not generate higher tax revenues to pay our national debt.

Higher oil prices will create higher input prices and they will make businesses and people bankrupt.Terminate the FED now, print our own money, debt free interest free.

Public servants are paid to comply with Antitrust Laws - the Sherman Antitrust Law. They do not do their job.

Break down all financial terrorists in oil industry.
See this crime. Total production cost in Middle East is $12.00 in the Gulf of Mexico is $45.00 but today's price is more than $100.00. This indicates illegal price/market control.
This is the transfer of the wealth from the poor and middle class to few wealthy parasites and monopolies, keeping illegal control of oil prices and market share.
We need to break down illegal monopolies-price market control and the idiocy-incompetency of public servants.
We must exterminate the idiocy of public servants based on a simple algebra calculation.
When people are starving as it is today, lower prices will benefit the whole economy and government.
Apply Sherman Antitrust Act to break up all predators - communists and fascists as it was the case of Standard Oil and Rockefeller control.

We should never trust any government peasants or Wall Street. They are criminals manipulating the prices " by prediction", by lies, by false records. ...

The oil is not the Fossil Fuel
The abiotic oil formation theory suggests that crude oil is the result of naturally occurring and possibly ongoing geological processes. This theory was developed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, as the Union needed to be self sufficient in terms of producing its own energy. The science behind the theory is sound and is based on experimental evidence in both the laboratory and in the field. This theory has helped to identify and therefore develop large numbers of gas and oil deposits. Examples of such fields are the South Khylchuyu field and the controversial Sakhalin II field.

In its simplest form, the theory is that carbon present in the magma beneath the crust reacts with hydrogen to form methane as well as a raft of other mainly alkane hydrocarbons. The reactions are more complicated than this, with several intermediate stages. Particular mineral rocks such as granite and other silicon based rocks act as catalysts, which speed up the reaction without actually becoming involved or consumed in the process.

Experiments have shown that under extreme conditions of heat and pressure it is possible to convert iron oxide, calcium carbonate and water into methane, with hydrocarbons containing up to 10 carbon atoms being produced by Russian scientists last century and confirmed in recent US experiments. The absence of large quantities of free gaseous oxygen in the magma prevents the hydrocarbons from burning and therefore forming the lower energy state molecule carbon dioxide. The conditions present in the Earth's mantle would easily be sufficient for these small hydrocarbon chains to polymerise into the longer chain molecules found in crude oil.

Vladimir Kutcherov adds that there is no way that fossil oil, with the help of gravity or other forces, could have seeped down to a depth of 10.5 kilometers in the state of Texas, for example, which is rich in oil deposits. As Vladimir Kutcherov sees it, this is further proof, alongside his own research findings, of the genesis of these energy sources -- that they can be created in other ways than via fossils. This has long been a matter of lively discussion among scientists.

"There is no doubt that our research proves that crude oil and natural gas are generated without the involvement of fossils. All types of bedrock can serve as reservoirs of oil," says Vladimir Kutcherov, who adds that this is true of land areas that have not yet been prospected for these energy sources.

But the discovery has more benefits. The degree of accuracy in finding oil is enhanced dramatically -- from 20 to 70 percent. Since drilling for oil and natural gas is a very expensive process, the cost picture will be radically altered for petroleum companies, and in the end probably for consumers as well.

"The savings will be in the many billions," says Vladimir Kutcherov.

To identify where it is worthwhile to drill for natural gas and oil, Vladimir Kutcherov has used his research to arrive at a new method. It involves dividing the globe into a finely meshed grid. The grid corresponds to fissures, so-called 'migration channels,' through underlying layers under the surface of the earth. Wherever these fissures meet, it is suitable to drill.

According to Vladimir Kutcherov, these research findings are extremely important, not least as 61 percent of the world's energy consumption derives from crude oil and natural gas.

The next step in this research work will involve more experiments, but above all refining the method will make it easier to find places where it is suitable to drill for oil and natural gas.

Vladimir Kutcherov, Anton Kolesnikov, and Alexander Goncharov's research work was recently published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience.

Methane-derived hydrocarbons produced under upper-mantle conditions
Anton Kolesnikov1,2, Vladimir G. Kutcherov2,3 & Alexander F. Goncharov1
The Fossil Fuel "Hoax" - Flat Earth

The real production cost of oil per barrel is much smaller than we pay and it depends on several factors :

In USA , The Gulf of Mexico actual production cost are about 45$ but the price is as of today almost 90$. It is implied that predators are looting from us, controlling prices .

It started in 1998 when oil prices collapsed to $10.00-12.00 and large oil companies like Texaco, Chevron... started to acquire competitive companies and created large companies that are able to control or fix the price. New Rockefeller is on the horizon again and try to see these illegal monopoly predators sucking our blood.

We The People have the right to natural resources like water, oil and all other minerals.

Government has the right to collect Royalties when leasing the land to oil producers or any other natural resources.

Article - oil production cost:

FACTBOX - Oil production cost estimates by country

July 28 (Reuters)

The cost of pumping a barrel of oil out of the ground depends on a variety of factors, including the size and accessibility of the field.Oil companies are often reluctant to give precise cost information.
The following provides estimates of the cost of running a field for OPEC members and other individual countries, obtained from traders and industry analysts.
It also gives the International Energy Agency's more general assessment of costs for the oil-producing regions of the world.

Oil production cost-Estimates by Country -Expect that oil prices will collapse to production cost or even below $10 in the Middle East. This is to destroy American producers of oil and the whole industry if our regulator will not stop this illegal price manipulation.  Selling any product below production cost to destroy competition in America is not legal and this is a national security threat to America, our government, oil industry..
Expect that after destruction of domestic production all these illegal monopoly predators will rise the prices.

Saudi Arabian crude is the cheapest in the world to extract because of its location near the surface of the desert and the size of the fields, which allow economies of scale.
The operating cost (stripping out capital expenditure) of extracting a barrel in Saudi Arabia has been estimated to be around $1-$2, and the total cost (including capital expenditure) $4-$6 a barrel.

Extraction of Iraqi oil is in theory also very cheap,although there are political and security challenges.
Industry analysts estimated total costs at between $4-6, although they said some fields could be more expensive.

In the United Arab Emirates, operating and capital costs combined were estimated to be around
$7 a barrel.
Oil extraction from mature and deep water offshore fields is much more expensive than from the accessible hydrocarbonterritory of the Gulf.

In Nigeria, production in ultra-deep water fields can reach $30 a barrel compared with onshore costs of around $15,according to analysts.

In offshore Angola, it costs around $40 to produce one barrel of oil (operating and capital costs), traders told Reuters.

Operating and capital costs in Algeria, Iran, Libya, Omanand Qatar were all estimated to be around $10-15 a barrel.

In Kazakhstan, where reserves are big and largely unexploited, the cost to produce a barrel for medium-sized producers, such as Kazakh state oil company KazMunaiGas [KMG.UL] is around
$15-18, and for Kazakhstan's largest operator Tengizchevroil, it is about $10-12, the Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce said.

Analysts said these were operating costs, probably including transport, as it is expensive to move the oil to distant ports.

In Venezuela, where fields tend to be mature and small and it is difficult to make new discoveries, production costs were generally estimated at $20 a barrel (operating and capital costs).
Those figures do not include the more expensive Orinoco oil from the country's sand deposits.
One analyst said the extraction of one barrel of Orinoco was around $30 (operating and capital costs).

Ecuador, where fields are also small and the distance to ports add to costs, analysts pegged extraction costs at $20 a barrel.

In the mature British North Sea, where the remaining oil is difficult to access, the industry body Oil & Gas UK said the break-even cost was around $50 a barrel. One analyst said operating and capital costs were $30-40 a barrel.

Source: International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2008 (Compiled by Martina Fuchs, Christopher Johnson, Karen Norton, Joe Brock and Barbara Lewis, Editing by James Jukwey)

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The Price of petroleum

The price of petroleum as quoted in news generally refers to the spot price per barrel (159 liters) of either WTI/light crude as traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) for delivery at Cushing, Oklahoma, or of Brent as traded on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE, into which the International Petroleum Exchange has been incorporated) for delivery at Sullom Voe.

World oil market chronology from 2003

OPEC - Cartel

Standard Oil, Rockefeller - predatory control and antitrust case.

Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States, 221 U.S. 1 (1911),[1]
was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States found Standard Oil guilty
of monopolizing the petroleum industry through a series of abusive and anticompetitive actions.
The court's remedy was to divide Standard Oil into several competing firms.
Chevron -Texaco - predatory mergers to control the prices.

Government Agency

FTC- Federal Trade Commission is responsible for mergers, acquisition and liquidation of competitive forces, capitalism, jobs and our prosperity. The truth will set us free from criminals. We must fire these communists loving total monopoly powers.
Add to it corrupted Department of Justice.

Statistical Data - US Energy Information Administration

International Energy Agency

Commodity markets -trading on high leverage contribute to the price increase.

Require to provide 100% of own capital to exterminate all high leveraged Ponzi Scheme speculators playing commodity markets and all other derivatives. Too big to fail? , increase capital requirement to reduce leverage.

Given the importance of crude, there has to be a better way to regulate these markets and it would seem that "simple" steps like position limits and forcing speculators to take physical delivery on even a small portion of their trade would do a lot to discourage fraud and manipulation.

Regulators increased margin requirements and all commodity prices went down.

Silver futures headed for the steepest weekly decline since at least 1975 as an increase in margin requirements and slump in commodities from copper to oil prompted investors to sell precious metals. Gold is set for the biggest drop since the week to Feb. 27, 2009.

See the Video. Price manipulation. Better Late Than Never: Regulators Charge Two Traders for 2008 Oil Spike

Less than a month after President Obama set up a task force to "root out" fraud in the oil market, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has accused two individuals of manipulating the market — back in 2008.

The WSJ reports: "The CFTC accuses the traders, Nicholas J. Wildgoose and James T. Dyer, who worked for Arcadia Petroleum Ltd., a Swiss commodity-trading firm, and its affiliates, of buying millions of barrels of oil, creating the illusion that supplies were critically low at the nation's central oil hub, Cushing, Okla."

The CFTC alleges the two traders also pocketed $50 million in ill-gotten gains from the scheme, which is a pittance compared to the billions of dollar the 2008 price spike costs consumers, and the global economy. Indeed, many market players believe Wildgoose and Dyer are being made scapegoats for the crimes of the big players in the energy pits, which very much includes big banks like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley -- similar to the "mom and pop" mortgage brokers who took the fall for the subprime crisis while the Angelo Mozilos of the world escape (largely) unscathed.

Of course, it's entirely possible the 2008 price spike — and the 2010-11 version — were due largely to fundamentals, as Henry suggests in the accompanying clip. But the allegations — if true — suggest it doesn't take a of money (or creativity) to manipulate the market for the world's most important commodity.

Given the importance of crude, there has to be a better way to regulate these markets and it would seem that "simple" steps like position limits and forcing speculators to take physical delivery on even a small portion of their trade would do a lot to discourage fraud and manipulation.

We've covered the issue of "speculation vs. fundamentals?" frequently in recent years. For past coverage of this issue, see:

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Gas Prices Up Because of LEGAL Speculation; Not Manipulation, Consu...

$100 Oil? Blame Speculators and the Bank Lobby, Consumer Advocate Says

5 Ways to Stop Speculators from Pushing Up Oil Prices

Oil Surges Again: Speculation vs. Fundamentals Debate Rages

Kill the Oil Speculators: Raise Margin Requirements, Force Physical...

Aaron Task is the host of The Daily Ticker. You can follow him on Twitter at @atask or email him at
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We've covered the issue of "speculation vs. fundamentals?" frequently in recent years. For past coverage of this issue, see:

Oil's Endless Bid: Financial Players Have "Overrun" Energy Markets,...
Gas Prices Up Because of LEGAL Speculation; Not Manipulation, Consu...
$100 Oil? Blame Speculators and the Bank Lobby, Consumer Advocate Says
5 Ways to Stop Speculators from Pushing Up Oil Prices
Oil Surges Again: Speculation vs. Fundamentals Debate Rages
Kill the Oil Speculators: Raise Margin Requirements, Force Physical...

U.S. Suit Sees Manipulation Of Oil Trades

After oil prices surged past $100 a barrel in 2008, suspicions that traders had manipulated the market led to Congressional hearings and regulatory investigations, which produced no solid cases in the record run-up in gasoline prices.
But on Tuesday, federal commodities regulators filed a civil lawsuit against two obscure traders in Australia and California and three American and international firms. The suit says that in early 2008 they tried to hoard nearly two-thirds of the available supply of a crucial American market for crude oil, then abruptly dumped it and illegally pocketed $50 million.
The regulators from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would not say whether the agency was conducting any other investigations into oil speculation. With oil prices climbing again this year, President Obama has asked Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to set up a working group to look into fraud in oil and gas markets and “safeguard against unlawful consumer harm.”
In the case filed Tuesday, the defendants — James T. Dyer of Australia, Nicholas J. Wildgoose of Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., and three related companies, Parnon Energy of California, Arcadia Petroleum of Britain and Arcadia Energy, a Swiss company — have told regulators they deny they manipulated the market.
If the United States proves the claims, the defendants may give up $50 million in profits allegedly made as a result of the manipulation and pay a penalty of up to $150 million.
The commodities agency says the case involves a complex scheme that relied on the close relationship between physical oil prices and the prices of financial futures, which move in parallel.
In a matter of a few weeks in January 2008, the defendants built up large positions in the oil futures market on exchanges in New York and London, according to the suit, filed in the Southern District of New York.
At the same time, they bought millions of barrels of physical crude oil at Cushing, Okla., one of the main delivery sites for West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark for American oil, the suit says. They bought the oil even though they had no commercial need for it, giving the market the impression of a shortage, the complaint says.
At one point they had such a dominant position that they owned about 4.6 million barrels of crude oil, estimating that this represented two-thirds of the seven million barrels of excess oil then available at Cushing, according to lawsuits.
This type of oil is also the main driver of prices of the futures contracts, and their actions caused futures prices to rise, the authorities say. “They wanted to lull market participants into believing that supply would remain tight,” the agency said. “They knew that as long as the market believed that supply was tight and getting even tighter, there would be upward pressure on the prices of W.T.I. for February delivery relative to March delivery, which was their goal.”
The traders in mid-January cashed out their futures position, and then a few days later began to bet on a decline in oil futures, with Mr. Wildgoose remarking in an e-mail about the “inevitable puking” of their position on an unsuspecting market, the federal lawsuit says.
In one day, Jan. 25, they then dumped most of their holdings of West Texas Intermediate oil, and profited by the drop in futures.
The traders repeated the buying and selling in March 2008, and were preparing to do it again in April but stopped when investigators contacted them for information, the suit says.
Between January and April, average gas prices rose roughly to $3.50 a gallon, from $3. It was not until later in 2008, after the defendants had ceased their reported actions, that prices soared higher — reaching $145 that July. By the end of the year, prices had fallen back to around $44. The Texas oil is now around $100.
Many other factors were at work, including tight oil supplies in the Middle East and fears that a growing global economy would consume more oil. Yet the enforcement action by the commodities regulator was the first credible evidence that a small group of traders also played a role in manipulating prices.
“This will  help to satisfy the desire to find a culprit and throw them under the wheels of justice,” said Michael Lynch, an oil market specialist at Strategic Energy and Economic Research, a consulting firm.
Calls to Arcadia Petroleum in London were not immediately returned. A person who answered the phone at Arcadia Energy in Switzerland said that he was unaware of the complaints and that Mr. Dyer and Mr. Wildgoose were on vacation and unavailable for comment.
In the last few years, the commission has settled a handful of cases of manipulation in the natural gas market.
In 2007, it settled charges for $1 million against the Marathon Petroleum Company for trying to manipulate West Texas Intermediate crude oil in 2003.
The commission brought an action similar to its latest case in 2008, asserting that Optiver Holding, a global proprietary trading fund based in the Netherlands, used a trading program to issue rapid-fire orders to manipulate the crude oil market in 2007. That case, which is pending, involved allegations of manipulation of futures contracts for light sweet crude oil, New York Harbor heating oil and New York Harbor gasoline

Price goes out of control

The price of oil was already more than $150.00, so this time it will be much higher due to the price control by OPEC - Cartel and speculators.

Our public peasants think that higher oil prices would generate higher taxes but they are wrong as always.

Higher prices benefit always monopoly, cartels or an individual but not the government or economy as a whole.

Inflation is caused by monopoly-cartels price fixing, price control, government regulation, taxes, collusion, currency manipulation, commodity price fixing, printing fiat money - low capital requirements or high leverage and idiocy of public servants in control.

I can not take this idiocy any more. "FED is fighting with deflation".

Stop illegal price and market control. Stop financial terrorism of public servants.
Higher oil prices will not generate higher tax revenues to pay our national debt.

Higher oil prices will create higher input prices and they will make businesses and people bankrupt.Terminate the FED now, print our own money.

Sale 4  items x  $6 = Total Revenue of $24.00 x tax rate 10% =  $2.4-Tax Revenue.

Now lower the price to $4 and sale 6 items = also $24.00 x tax rate 10% = $2.4 -Tax Revenue.

If  you lower the price, more people will be able to afford to buy.
Lowering price does not cause deflation and lower Tax Revenue.  It is increasing the wealth of the people and Tax Revenue.

Video: Oil

Why they needed 9/11: Oil, Money, and Geopolitics

Video: Tesla

Video: Tesla

We must add to it also: John Hutchison effect,  Stanley Meyers water furl technology, John Bedinis -Tesla motor replication, water powered motor invention by G.H. Garrett, Andrea Rossi's -Cold fusion energy.

All above are oppressed by criminals in power because it means less money for predatory monopolies in power and more for us.

USA, Liberty! Defend Capitalism-free markets and exterminate illegal monopolies, break them up by Sherman Antitrust Act, restore destroyed by communist Clinton Glass Steagall Act to break large banks.

We should live in prosperity and work less due to the advancements in technology but we are moving back to the stone ages under NWO- communism, the dictatorship system.

Suppressed technologies-Inventions, see the article below.
Total government and monopoly control to make money on us, to keep totalitarian control and the slavery. Tesla, Hutchison, WTC 9/11, Space War, UFO-made in U.S. - staging terrorism by ET and more.

Barack Obama Admits: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under Cap And Trade

Obama energy policies would make energy prices “skyrocket” as the energy industry passed along the exorbitant costs of his cap-and-trade policy:

Obama told the editors that his policies would make energy prices “skyrocket” as the energy industry passed along the exorbitant costs of his cap-and-trade policy.

In another clip from the same January 2008 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in which Barack Obama promised to bankrupt anyone foolish enough to build coal-burning power plants, he also made an interesting admission about his entire energy plan. Obama told the editors that his policies would make energy prices “skyrocket” as the energy industry passed along the exorbitant costs of his cap-and-trade policy:

Increase in oil prices will cause the increase in food prices and all other product and services.
It will make people bankrupt.

Cap and Trade Explained (in plain old English) = Higher Taxes=Higher Prices

Cap & Trade explained

Ron Paul on Cap and Trade


Cap and Trade is a Massive Energy Tax

Lawmakers urge crackdown on oil speculators

WASHINGTON | Mon Mar 5, 2012 6:46pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic members of Congress have urged the futures regulator to crack down on excessive speculation in oil markets as retail gasoline prices rose toward $4 a gallon and pain at the pump gained prominence in the U.S. election campaign.

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission should stop "dragging its feet" on implementing new regulations to stop Wall Street from dominating the oil market, 23 senators and 45 members of the House of Representatives said in a letter to the CFTC.

The lawmakers complained that gasoline prices are soaring, despite plenty of supply and low demand.

"As the cost for American people to fill their gas tanks continues to skyrocket, the CFTC continues to drag its feet on imposing strict speculation limits to eliminate, prevent, or diminish excessive oil speculation," the members of Congress told the commissioners in a letter.

The letter was signed by Senators Barbara Boxer, Bernie Sanders and John Rockefeller and Representatives Rosa DeLauro, among others. All the signers were Democrats except for Sanders, who is an independent.

U.S. gasoline prices have jumped nearly 30 cents over the past month and now average $3.77 a gallon, according to data released on Monday by the American Automobile Association.
Read more

Oil future – 80 % controlled by speculators.

 I bet speculators are pushing hard for a new war against Iran so they can continue feeding their greed and breed the poverty and the slavery.
Oil and gas prices have almost nothing to do with economic fundamentals. According to the Energy Information Administration, the supply of oil and gasoline is higher today than it was three years ago, when the ...national average for a gallon of gasoline was just $1.90. Meanwhile, the demand for oil in the U.S. is at its lowest level since April of 1997.

 A decade ago, speculators controlled only about 30% of the oil futures market. Today, Wall Street speculators control nearly 80% of this market. Many of those people buying and selling oil in the commodity markets will never use a drop of this oil. They are not airlines or trucking companies who will use the fuel in the future. The only function of the speculators in this process is to make as much money as they can, as quickly as they can.

WHO CONTROLS OIL PRICES? – World Bank, IMF, making more than oil company. Supply and demand or shortages is NOT the cause of rising oil prices. 

Fixing gold prices up and collapsing by design-Lindsey Williams.

High Oil Prices Must be Subject of Criminal Investigation

Lindsey Williams - Full Breakdown Of America's Debt, Middle East Conflict & NWO Global Governance
Dollar collapse at end of 2012

Federal Reserve notes - collapse. Arab World will lose all.
Oil – $200 We will not get oil from Arab, prices $7- $8
NWO - will implement One World currency.

Oil reserves in Alaska and Bakken - Rocky Mountain -2 Trillion barrel of oil  oil reserves.

America & Alaska's untapped oil reserves: Lindsey Williams - Alex Jones 23/2/11 1/3 Libya Oil 


Built America and end illegal monopoly power!


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Stop the crime now. Stop illegal market/price control.

Break down all monopolies and predators under Antitrust Laws to increase competitive forces to restore Liberty and Prosperity.

Starvation by inflation is coming, created by NWO- communists -totalitarian price/market control.   

Stop illegal price/market control. Fixing the prices up is not inflation, it is a crime. Stop financial terrorism of public servants and illegal monopolies.

The crime is written in financial statements of the company and all industries, based on comparable cost-profit analysis, production cost, net profit margins and all other financial data.

High Net Profit Margins 10-30% indicate the lack of competitive forces, crime, corruption, price fixing and illegal price- market control.
In competitive markets/industries like computers and retailers, Net Profit Margins are only 2- 5% and all people/ businesses benefit and prosper from lower prices..
The crime against us is everywhere and it is created by public servants and predatory monopolies.
USA, Liberty!, defend U.S. Constitution, defend capitalism-free market system, the key to freedom and prosperity as protected by antitrust laws against all monopolies -market/price control. The wealth is redistributed by competitive forces to the benefit of all people, not few in the form of lower prices and better quality products/services.
The lack of competitive forces leads to the creation of monopolies, market/price control and results in inflation-price increases =poverty.
Monopolies are not legal because they create dictatorship system structure, destroy our liberty and prosperity. Monopolies=high prices and inflation, it is the transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to few wealthy and parasites.

See also -One World Currency - by George Soros
George Soros -NWO- Zionist mafia is attempting to convert America to Communism with Obama's help. Implementing NWO -dictatorship - communism - One World Government, One World Currency, One World Religion.

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