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Destroy -NWO- communism-dictatorship structure and restore our America to Constitution.

USA, Liberty. In God We Trust. Defend our U.S. Constitution. Defend Capitalism - free market system, the key to freedom and prosperity!

Recognize current NWO- system structure. This is old barbaric communism under new name -NWO.

It is totalitarian-dictatorship, the pyramid. It is communism-socialism-Marxist-Bolshevik-Zionist - system structure. Monopoly, cartels are always part of these totalitarian powers to keep people in the slavery, poverty, terror, wars....

See communists in power

NWO - It operates as global corporation with regional divisions/departments: advertising/marketing, global media - Zionist propaganda, Financial Departments - FED, IMF, UN-Global terrorism, wars.

Our government leaders are puppets serving NWO - elite - standing in the shadows, invisible.

Whole world in under global NWO - Zionist-communism system structure.

NWO-Communism is totalitarian system structure with large monopolies-too big to fail with total power to control the price, production .. It results in poverty, starvation, mass murder, wars as we see today.The worse will come if not stopped. Wake up now or wake up in the front of mass graves.

 Free global  trade is communist concept and global corporations are collapsing all economies including USA to take totalitarian control.

Global foreign corporation are dumping all their products made in China and others on USA markets, exterminating jobs, production, our freedom and prosperity.
We are the trash basket.  Public servants are serving foreign governments, monopolies and illegals.

We are under attack by communism, standing in the front of mass graves if not stopped.

The current system structure is illegal socialism-communism. It contributes to the inflation created by government control, government monopolies, cartels, price control and it is leading to poverty, starvation, wars and mass murder.

Illegal Zionist- Jewish- Bolshevik banking monopoly FED and their criminal owners are controlling the money, collapsing global economies, printing illegal money buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies, limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creating an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars.
Zionist bankers are the same Jewish Bolsheviks who created Russian Bolshevik Revolution, implemented communism in many countries and exterminated 150 million of innocent people by starvation- food control and mass murder.

Comply with U.S. Constitution and print own money, debt free, interest free. We do not have to starve, we do not have to die.

We are Republic. Our Master is U.S. Constitution. It is simple and all implied that all people have unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Prosperity as protected under Antitrust Law - Sherman Antitrust Act against all monopolies.
Individual rights are not subject to any negotiation or a public vote: a majority has no right to vote away the rights of an individual. 

U.S. Constitution = Life, Liberty, Prosperity and the Love for the People!.
Unite under U.S. Constitution and return the Liberty and Prosperity to the people from
evil-socialists-communists occupying our U.S. government, implementing illegal communism, extorting bail-outs, collapsing our economy and the people to the mass graves.
Give me Liberty or give me Death. USA, Liberty!

The American Form of Government.

USA, Liberty! Defend our Constitution and capitalism free-market system. Terminate illegal monopolies, government monopolies, agencies, spin them off, make them private.
U.S. Constitution and Capitalism –free-market system is the only legal system as protected by the rule of law - Sherman Antitrust Act against all monopolies.  
All other forms: crony- capitalism, corporatism, plutocracy, state capitalism, socialism, communism , Idiocy are not legal in USA.
Capitalism-free market system was created to the benefit of all people to redistribute the wealth in the form of lower competitive prices, better quality products/services, jobs and it is protected under civilized rule of law - Sherman Antitrust Act - from all parasites, predators, socialism, communism, social, predatory mergers-acquisitions, subsidies, bail-outs, monopolies, price control, inflation, poverty, idiocy, global free trade - job offshoring and illegal imports dumping foreign products to exterminate domestic production and jobs.
Socialism =communism is not legal in USA. Socialism-communism is redistribution of the wealth from the poor and middle class to few wealthy individuals and monopolies. It is based on communist Marx- the theory of income redistribution by progressive forced taxation, terrorism and controlled by the government monopolies. It is breeding crime, corruption, inflation, poverty, starvation, discrimination, idiocy, inequality, terrorism, wars and mass murder. Our current economy system structure is under communism in advanced stages, as supported by the evidence and the system is collapsing under own waste.
Communists invaded USA progressively by the creation of illegal communist type banking monopoly FED and illegal taxation in 1913. We lost all property rights. Government can collect from us all income and all property to satisfy the payment of taxes and national debt.
Communists created government monopolies to loot from us in the name of social justice. These are government-communist type monopolies and redistribution by forced taxation- Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public schools, welfare, parasitic government agencies… Redistribution by forced taxation, bail-outs, subsidies, grants, welfare, global free trade, job offshoring,  imports that cause the injuries to the domestic markets and jobs.
Last 2 years , the government took over and nationalized mortgage companies Fannie, Freddie, worth $12 Trillion, student loans. The Congress took over Health Care, did not have any constitutional authority and extorted with Ponzi Scheme bank -FED illegal bail-outs, more than 16 Trillion last 2 years to banks, General Motors, AIG.. 

Crime and corruption against us is everywhere, our debt is out of control and there will not be any money to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Veterans, Military, Defense, poor..
How to Destroy NWO - communism - totalitarian system.

1.The first step is to break up all monopolies - too big to fail = too big to jail monopolies
Apply antitrust laws -Sherman Antitrust Act and restore Glass Steagall Act-applies to banks - destroyed by communist Clinton.

Terminate all media control under Sherman Antitrust Act. Media control is not legal. Criminals are hiding all crimes and the identity of all criminals under racism or hate crime- illegal communist laws. The identity of all criminals  must be disclosed, otherwise crime will continue.

Apply antitrust laws to all monopolies

Apply to banks and banking monopolies

In Europe it is competition law

See related articles how predators are exterminating competition, creating monopoly, taking total control of food, market, prices, creating inflation, speech control by mergers-acquisitions=exterminating competition, government regulation.

Food control

Speech control

Creation of monopoly by mergers-acxquisitions.

Price control -oil industry

Inflation-price control, money control

Health care - Medicare fraud and  price control

2.Terminate illegal banking monopoly FED and terminate Fractional Banking System. This must be the priority. We must create our own money, debt free, interest free, redeem our national debt and bailout current borrowers.

FED extorted more than $16 Trillion from US taxpayers, last 2 years. This Bolshevik monopoly is creating the totalitarian slavery, poverty, starvation by inflation, price controls and limiting production. We lost more than 95 % of purchasing power due to inflation.

FED and other bankers are collapsing global economies, printing illegal money buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies, limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creates an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars. Comply with U.S. Constitution and print own money, debt free, interest free.

We do not have to starve, we do not have to die.

People are so leveraged: too much mortgage debt, student loans, car loans, credit card loans, property taxes are so high that there is no disposable income to spend to exist.

We need to terminate FED, print own money, debt free, interest free, bail-out current borrowers mortgages at Zero interest rate, student loans... .

We can redeem/replace current national debt with our own U.S. Notes , debt free , interest free

We must force bankers to take losses.  Without that happening the system is going to completely collapse and this is what the criminal bankers like Rothschild… are wanting to happen so they can implement their Bolshevik New World Order and one world government where they enslave and depopulate  the entire planet by mass murder and starvation.

See more -Terminate illegal banking monopoly FED

3. We must implement balanced trade now to stop extermination of local jobs, companies and whole systems by large global-fascist-communist type monopolies. We must limit also the market share of predatory foreign corporations dumping their made in China ... products in USA to maintain competitive forces, companies. They should be forced to produce in USA if they want to sell their products and they must comply with U.S. Sherman Antitrust laws to maintain capitalism with strong competitive forces.
We must be more self-reliant and do not depend on foreign imports or exports-this is suicidal mission. 

See more- Public servants exterminated American jobs, companies, domestic production

4. Implement mandatory balanced budget.

Stop growing debt. Large debt and interest paid is a transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to the wealthy. Repayment of the debt and interest might take whole tax revenue and no money would be left for Social Security, Defense...poor

See more

5. Reform criminal  Tax Code. Implement flat taxes.


6. Make government smaller and spin-off all government monopolies to private sector to
not for profit charities maintaining strong competitive charitable forces. Government can donate to them also grants for the poor. Terminate some government agencies, reduce the size of government.

We need to spin-off all social-slavery and make them private : public schools, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, housing subsidies, utilities subsidies, all other subsidies, grants.. More charities it means more competition and better for the people.

Do not forget to make private Fannie, Freddie - mortgages that were nationalized by communists.

7. Terminate Unions, the monopoly power from state and federal government. Private industry is OK. 
Communist Unions are revolutionary arms of global NWO-Zionist-communist mafia, using uneducated masses,  making communist revolution with illegals to keep totalitarian power. After revolution these masses will be exterminated in concentration camps. FEMA camps are ready.
See more

8. Deport Illegals. Rule of Law- deport illegals now. Illegals destroyed many states taking advantage of welfare, Medicaid, public schools, housing subsidies, infrastructure, American jobs at the cost of American citizens. Illegals are making communist revolution, unionized with communist unions.

9. Terminate membership in NWO divisions: IMF, UN... and global trade agreements.

All public servants are entitled to evil barbaric opinions and dreams, but the civilized rule of law was created to comply with. Execute the justice gainst public servants for noncompliance with U.S. Constitution.
All people have the right to life, liberty and prosperity. 
U.S.A. Liberty, defend our Constitution and capitalism- the free market system as protected by antitrust laws agains all monopolies.

Monopolies,  government monopolies and regulations are always the part of totalitarian system

Monopolies control always the prices, fixing prices up and up, creating inflation, reducing  production, supplies. Monopolies exterminate our jobs, prosperity, liberty.. and this is the creation of communism system - totalitarian powers-too big to fail = too big to jail monopoly as it is today. 

If the company is liquidated, most jobs are also liquidated or reduced. Government regulation, mergers and acquisition always exterminate our jobs and they create poverty, slavery, corruption, terrorism, wars..

Break up all monopolies to create more competitive forces,  more jobs,  innovation, prosperity. Competitive forces will destroy totalitarian system, the dictatorship: socialism, fascism, communism or religious dictatorship.

This is what we should do: terminate banking monopoly, the FED, break up large banks- apply Glass Steagall Act. Apply Sherman Antitrust Act to break up all oil companies, health care and all too big to fail too big to jail companies, limiting their market share and predatory-monopoly powers. Terminate all government monopolies and reduce regulations.
Implement also balanced trade now, limiting the shares of foreign companies to maintain capitalism with strong competitive forces.

Antitrust Legislation -Sherman Antitrust Act  and Glass Steagall Act

Sherman Antitrust Act -  to keep strong competitive forces to the benefit of all people.
Glass Steagall Act - destroyed by communist Clinton- applies to banks .

The civilized Rule of Law was created to protect our freedom and prosperity from barbaric man, monopolies, barbaric systems: socialism, communism, religious dictatorship.

Capitalism - free market it means free from: criminals, speculators, Ponzi Scheme, parasites, monopolies, cartels, price fixing, predatory mergers-acquisitions - to control the market prices- production, socialism, communism.

Rule of Law applies to all predators, individuals and businesses to protect us.

Government role is to comply with U.S. Constitution to protect our Life, Liberty and Prosperity from all barbarians and monopolies.

USA , Liberty! In God We Trust. Unite under U.S. Constitution.
Take down the criminal elemnt occupying our government, return the power of  Liberty and Prosperity to the people as it was created in U.S. Constitution to the benefit of all people, not few criminals. Do proper reforms. Clean your house, clean your system, fix your country. This is our responsibility to fix it.

This is our responsibility to fight for our freedom. Give me Liberty or give me Death.

We must demand reforms from public servants. It is not enough to have any bloody revolution or change criminals in power if the system structure is not changed. I am writing since last year about all these criminals. My computer is under attack by communist - NWO- elite. We must unite and focus on termination of FED first and confiscation what was stolen from the people.

Capitalism - free market system is the key to freedom and prosperity to the benefit of all people, not few.

Socialism, communism = monopolies, cartels, the system structure, the totalitarian control under dictatorship.  Propaganda - "social justice" is Zionist propaganda to enslave all people under "social justice" concept. Get proper education to get the truth.
Unite under God ( in one)  against all tyrants to defend our Holy Grail - U.S. Constitution against Evil and his chosen people Zionists-Jewish -Communists as per evil's document called The Protocols of Zions

Adoption as national motto - In God We Trust -Wikipedia

"In these days when imperialistic and materialistic Communism seeks to attack and destroy freedom, it is proper to remind all of us of this self-evident truth that as long this country trusts in God , it will prevail.”

Hitler and other leaders did mistake. He was not able to see the socialist-dictatorship system structure. He saw only Bolsheviks=communists. We might kill millions of people but if the totalitarian system structure remains, we will still be slaves.

We the people are the power, millions against few hundreds corrupted public servants.
Thomas Jefferson spoke against monopolies. Capitalism -free market system structure is to the benefit of all people, not predators like monopolies, cartels and it is protected by Sherman Antitrust Laws, and Glass Steagall Act - for banks, destroyed by Clinton. We the people are the power and control capitalism.

 Each country has own civilized antitrust legislation to protect the prosperity and freedoms of all  people and business from communist type monopolies, price/output controls.

"I do not like... the omission of a bill of rights providing clearly and without the aid of sophisms for freedom of religion, freedom of the press, protection against standing armies, restriction against monopolies, the eternal and unremitting force of the habeas corpus laws, and trials by jury in all matters of fact triable by the laws of the land and not by the law of nations." - Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1787. ME 6:387

Andrew Jackson, hated central banks and national debt. Terminate unconstitutional banking monopoly Federal Reserve -financial terrorist.
He liquidated national debt. Balanced budget now.
He exposed the government to control by foreign interests. Stop corruption now.
It served mainly to make the rich richer.
It exercised too much control over members of Congress.

Adam Smith - The father of modern economies, on trade deficits. Implement balanced trade now.

When two places trade with one another, this [absurd] doctrine supposes that, if the balance be even, neither of them either loses or gains; but if it leans in any degree to one side, that one of them loses and the other gains in proportion to its declension from the exact equilibrium." (Smith, 1776, book IV, ch. iii, part ii)

George Washington hated free trade, he saw total destruction of Capitalism and freedom. He was right.

Ronald Reagan – die hard anti-commie. He new the real enemy from the inside and outside.

The truth will set us free and lead to the prosperity and freedom but lies in corrupted media will lead us to the mass grave as it is shown in the history.

Communists governments exterminated 150 million people by food control, food poison and mass murder.

Hitler exterminated 20 million people in WWII. If people new the truth this would never happen but the media were corrupted as it is today and  Zionists -communists-Marxists are in power.

Expect the same today, mass murder, wars, genocide, holocaust.

All people have the right to life, liberty and prosperity. You have to get proper knowledge to see the truth. 

“Redistribution of wealth – the unearned support of some men by the forced labor and extorted income from others, the draining, exploitation and destruction of those who are able to pay the cost of maintaining their own existence “ – Ayn Rand - The Virtue of Selfishness and Government Financing in a Free Society.

When a government, be it a monarch or a democratic parliament, is regarded as the provider of gratuitous services, it is only the question of time before it begins to enlarge its services and the sphere of the gratuitous ( today, this process is called the growth of “the public sector of the economy”) until it becomes and has to become, the instrument of pressure group warfare of economic groups looting one another” – Ayn Rand -The Virtue of Selfishness , and Government Financing in a Free Society.

Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual). - Ayn Rand

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man's genetic lineage -- the notion that a man's intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors." -Ayn Rand

USA, Liberty!. In God We Trust. Restore our America to Constitution as it was created to the benefit of all people, not few criminals.

Videos - Federal Reserve System -Evil's greed and control.

The Rothschilds Exposed 1/3  - owners of FED

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?  Part 1- by Brother Nathanael

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?  Part 2- by Brother Nathanael

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?  Part 3- by Brother Nathanael

Owners of FED- "Chosen people" by Evil.

See the evil's "chosen people" - Zionist-Jewish communists as per evil's document -
The Protocols of Zion.!
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Dr. William Pierce  - deleted by Y-Tube- under illegal Zionist communist law- the hate crime. See other video, the links is below.

Follow U.S. Constitution-the key to Life, Liberty and Prosperity!

Protocols of Zion –NWO-Zionist-communist-glo​bal-dictatorship-mafia.

All governments are the puppets of NWO-Zionist Jewish- communist-global mafia including the national banks. They are the enemies of all people, America and the enemies of U.S. Constitution-the right to Life, Liberty, Prosperity.

All people have the right to evil-barbaric socialist-communist opinion and evil dreams including religion but the civilized rule of law was created to comply with.

Comply with the civilized rule of law or you are barbarian under own idiocy, barbarism-socialism-Communism-fascism or religious dictatorship under Islamic Sharia Law.

There is only one truth and one legal document that is above all other laws including religious laws - U.S. Constitution - the right to Life, Liberty, Prosperity.

Unite and follow U.S. Constitution. It is holy document created by God and delivered to our founding fathers to the benefit of all people in the world. All other documents are not legal. They are written by Satan as per Protocols of Zion. Unite and follow U.S. Constitution.

Terminate illegal communist banking monopoly –the FED- the power of Satan and all other “nation banks”. Create own money, debt free, interest free.

Zionist-Jewish-Bolsheviks are in charge of FED, as per Protocols of Zion. They are the same banking criminals, Bolsheviks -Rothschild … who financed Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, implemented Communism in many countries and exterminated more than 150 million of innocent people by food control-starvation and mass murder. They financed also Hitler and Holocaust. Expect the same now, mass murder and arrival of new Hitler.

Zionist Bolsheviks are in charge of all governments, infiltrated Christian churches including Vatican, Islamic mosques, Jewish synagogues, other religious establishments - preaching communist Marx theory media, infiltrated education system.., standing in the shadows, invisible power of Satan, keeping illegal control of most national banks, collapsing global economies, printing illegal money, extorting bail-outs and charging us with the debt, buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies, limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creating an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars.

 See "chosen people" by Satan – NWO – Zionists- Jewish Bolsheviks as per document –The Protocols of Zion created by Satan and they represent hate, death, slavery, poverty.

 Our Holy-Grail- U.S. Constitution represents the love of God for the people, life, liberty, prosperity. God is one, the truth is one and the truth can never be destroyed by Satan and his communist-Bolshevik –Satanic “chosen people” and servants. The judgement day is coming as bible predicted and they will burn in the hell to infinity.

The NWO plan - The Protocols of Zion

Terminate all illegal "national banks"-Zionist Banks owned by Bolshevik Rothschild, printing illegal money under illegal fractional banking system.
"Give me control of the nation's money and I care not who makes the laws" -  Rothschild-
The shareholder of FED.
Create own national bank and print own currency, debt free, interest free. Confiscate all illegal wealth accumulated by banking monopolies. Execute the justice against all criminals for noncompliance with the Constitution, making illegal laws and illegal vote. Follow U.S. Constitution and terminate Zionist controlled national banks. and terminate all illegal Zionist banks as per the list included at the end of this article.

See also this related article

Communists infiltrated religious institutions.
Zionists- Jewish- communists infiltration –Religious Institution, spreading hate, making political propaganda - promoting communist Marx as a model and illegal socialism -communism while claiming tax exempt status as a religious entity. Zionist-communists implementing illegal Islamic Sharia Law in political power as religious dictatorship.

Videos - NWO- dictatorship videos by Brother Nathanael, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul..

USA, Liberty!. Give me Liberty or give me Death. NWO,  terminate first  unconstitutional satanic bank -the FED before we all fall to the mass graves.
Tea-Party revolution must continue against this satanic NWO- Zionist communist system structure or we are dead. I am never wrong!.

Here is the video about communism in Venezuela where monopolies are creating food shortages, inflation, hyperinflation, shortages of  other goods and services, total price market control..
Poverty, starvation and crime is everywhere. Even wealthy people lost everything and are starving now!.
There will be nothing to loot, no food in the store, so wipe off  communist ass of welfare people with food-stamps.! , no toilete paper or any other goods or services...

My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Savages go to garbage soon with food stamps..

Fight for Food in Venezuela - Food Shortage in Venezuela

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