Saturday, July 30, 2011

George Soros -NWO- Zionist mafia is attempting to convert America to Communism with Obama's help.

USA, Liberty! In God We Trust. Defend our Constitution, defend Capitalism - free market system, the key to prosperity and freedom.

George Soros -communist - NWO - Jewish Zionist communist - mafia is attempting to convert America to Communism with Obama's help as puppet President.

George Soros openly discusses New World Order, SDR's, Dollar Decline, World Currency. Wants to collapse U.S.$. 

George Soros wants to collapse U.S. $ to implement world currency system. NWO-Jewish-Zionist Communist mafia wants to collapse our economy to take over totalitarian control. 
FEMA camps are waiting for us. Communists are looting from America, redistributing our wealth out of control. 

U.S. debt is growing out of control, deficit is increasing and we are facing credit downgrade, currency collapse, economy collapse because our debt to GDP ratio is very high, almost 100% and the payment on current interest and principal might take whole tax revenues if looting continues.
No money would be left to pay for the defense, military, veterans, Social Security, Medicare, public servants jobs..poor.. 

See our national debt data:

George Soros calls for a World Currency to replace the Dollar

Comments by George Soros about the need for China to "own the NEW WORLD ORDER" to establish a one world government, a one world leader, a one world Earth religion, and the enslavement of the world's people.

China will be the NEW world revered currency.

UN and IMF  propose the SDR a ONE WORLD NEW CURRENCY G20 - sept 8.

UN and IMF are arms of NWO- Zionist Jewish communist mafia.

George Soros calls for a World Currency to replace the Dollar !!!

CommieTunes: IS YOUR PC RED? - Obama Socialist Communist Marxist Soros Google Microsoft Apple

Glenn Beck EXPOSES Public Enemy -- GEORGE SOROS! :: In Marxist Obama's Circle Of CRIME INC.!!

George Soros, "The Puppet Master" Explains His Anti-Capitalist, Pro-Marxist Tactics

George Soros, Puppet Master part 1

George Soros, Puppet Master part 2

The Destiny of America –  Banks, financiers - Shipping jobs to China

I think that all these games are NWO- Zionist Jewish communists game to destroy U.S. $ as Zionist Bolshevik George was planning to implement One World Currency under NWO - one government and take us also to nuclear wars. Communist slaves, wake up now and exterminate own idiocy.

India China to pay for Iran with gold for oil.

It looks like planned by NWO -Jewish Zionists puppets in charge of all governments, the key is NWO -George Soros - International Jewish Bolshevik- terrorist - the collapse of $ to implement One world government under the leadership of communist Zionist-Bolshevik -puppets in China.

India abandons US dollar to purchase Iranian oil

India- Zionist communist puppet government


It looks like collusion of NWO-Jewish Zionist puppet governments to collapse all systems and induce wars to implement the change, Lybia, the same case, Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'?

See the videos about gold for oil that I posted on the Facebook!/elizabeth.templar/posts/207689092665186

And the WWIII is coming to nuke Whole Middle East including Israel to implement One World Government and currency to keep NWO- totalitarian -Jewish Zionist Bolshevik control, the slavery and depopulation agenda.

See more videos global NWO- Jewish Zionist -communist mafia

See George Soros financial Interest in TSA - body scanners, government contracts.

Oil Production cost. Price and volume-output control to get maximum price, profits and tax revenue at our cost.
Oil reserves in USA.

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