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U.S. National Debt, State Debt and Foreign Debt data. Attention we are facing nationalization of U.S.companies.

USA, Liberty! In God We Trust. Defend our Constitution, defend Capitalism - free market system and stop illegal communist type financial terrorism: redistribution, government acquisition - nationalization, bail outs, stimulus, subsidies, grants, social...... Stop government deficit spending, stop growing debt,  balanced budget now.

Government deficit is financed by the issuance of the debt and the interest is charged to us, and the debt is growing. Other names to finance deficits are: QE-Quantitative Easing, Debt monetization, Debt monetary system.

Article - Terminate the FED- illegal unconstitutional banking monopoly.

Poor is getting poorer  in the name of social justice but the wealthy are getting more wealthy living high like Ponzi Scheme at the cost of all people.
Stop growing debt and demand balanced budget now. Large debt and interest paid is a transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to the wealthy.  Repayment of the debt and interest might take whole tax revenue and no money would be left for Social Security, Defense...


The payment of interest and principal amount of debt might take whole Tax Revenue and this will result in default, devaluation of US $,  high inflation,  higher taxes, nationalization of U.S. companies, confiscation of all income, all assets, leading to total collapse of economy and genocide on the global scale in communist style.  No money will be left for Defense, Veterans, Military.. Social Security.. We are facing total collapse of civilization.
Reduce government spending spending by $1.5 Trillion now to balanced budget, the debt is too high and is reaching 100% of GDP, the danger level.

Terminate Ponzi-Scheme, financial terrorist - FED- illegal, unconstitutional Zionist-communist banking monopoly. Government can print our own money, debt free, interest free- United States Notes.

See this video. JFK was killed by bankers for the creation of our nation money.

Terminate illegal Federal Reserve. FED is the same Bolshevik-Zionist communist banking monopoly that created Bolshevik Revolution in Russia , implemented communism in many countries and exterminated 150 million of innocent people by food starvation, mass murder.

Bolshevik-Zionist Rothschild keep illegal control of most national banks, printing illegal money, buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creating an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars. This is global NWO- Bolshevik -Jewish dictatorship as per Protocols of Zion.

The Rothschilds –Zionist-Bolsheviks-Communists along with Jacob Schiff created the major events of the 20th century by providing the key funding for the Communism - Bolsheviks, Lenin and Trotsky.

Link to U.S. National Debt

Recommended Debt/GDP ratio is maximum 60 % = $ 8.82 Trillion

Recommended Deficit/GDP ratio is maximum 3% = $ 0.441 Trillion

We need to reduce the debt level to 60% of GDP or by $5.60Trillion from current level of 97.96 % or
$14.3Trillion. It means reduce government spending by 1.5 Trillion in deficit to balanced budget now to stop the growth of the debt. The assumption must be made that Tax Revenue will stay in the range
$2.2-2.5 Trillion as in the past and that GDP will remain at the current level of $14.7Trillion because current debt is so large that it will not create the growth as expected based on statistical data. Global economy is also very weak and on the way to collapse under current global NWO-communism system structure as it is evidenced.

Current debt ratio and deficit ratio - 07/27/2011

U.S. GDP = $14.7 Trillion
U.S. National debt = $14.4 Trillion

Federal Spending = 3.6 T
Federal Tax Revenue =2.1 Trillion
Budget deficit is 1.5 Trillion and this is an addition to current debt.

We measure the debt as a ratio:  Debt to GDP
Maximum ratio Debt/GDP is recommended to 60%

Current Debt/GDP = 14.4/14.7 = 97.96% - it is too much and this is an emergency to stop it.

Deficit to GDP recommended ratio is 3%

Current Deficit/GDP = 1.5/14.7 = 10.20 % and this is also too much and this is an emergency to reduce spending to balanced budget today.!!!

See also at the bottom, the liability for the future obligation :  Social Security Liability-15.05T,  Prescription Drug 19.91T, Medicare -79.18= Total US Unfunded Liability= 114.15Trillion

Current debt ratio and deficit ratio - 12/26/2011

U.S. GDP = $15.09 Trillion
U.S. National debt = $15.16 Trillion

Federal Spending = 3.62T
Federal Tax Revenue =2.32 Trillion
Budget deficit is 1.3 Trillion and this is an addition to current debt.

Current Debt/GDP = 15.16/15.09 T= 100.46% - it is too much and this is an emergency to stop it. 
Recommended Debt/GDP ratio is maximum 60 %
Our Debt  increased  by .76 Trillion last 5 months and the Debt/GDP ratio increased  from 97.96% to 100.46% .  This is the suicidal mission and we can not continue to produce budget deficit. Balanced budget now.  Government spending-looting must be decreased by the amount of deficit  1.3Trillion.

Current Deficit/GDP = 1.3/15.16T = 8.57% and this is also too much and this is an emergency to reduce spending to balanced budget today.!!!

Recommended Deficit/GDP ratio is maximum 3%

Interest Rate on Federal U.S Treasury debt.

We are due annual interest rate of .42 Trillion on federal debt 14.3 Trillion. It depends on the interest rate and current  average is 2.93% as it is given at

Current Tax Revenue = $ 2.2 Trillion. Current interest only on the national debt  is $ .42 Trillion.

This .42 T is in the interest only and it is 19.09%  of current  tax revenue of 2.2 Trillion.

There is an inverse relation between the price of bonds and interest rate. If bond prices go down, the interest rate will go up.  Several years ago, the interest rate was 6 % and if inflation will pick up, the interest will go up and any new deficit financing will cost much more. Credit downgrade will cause also an interest to go up.

With growing deficit  like this, the debt will grow and it will take whole Tax Revenue of 2.2 Trillion to pay interest and the principal amount of the debt and there will not be any money to pay for anything unless you confiscate all wealth from corporations and individuals and this is not enough.

The principal amount on the debt must be repaid with an interest and it depends on the maturity date ranging from short term -1 year to long term - 30 years.  If we take the average maturity of 20 years, than  $ .71Trillion is due to pay annually on principal amount of the debt plus interest $.42T = $1.13 Trillion in total payments and this is 51.36 % of total tax revenue of 2.2 Trillion.

Make a Note, if maturity date is shorter, the amount of principal loan due plus interest is greater.

This is an emergency to reduce spending to balanced budget by 1.5 Trillion, the amount of deficit.
This  reduction in spending  by 1.5Trillion is only 10.20% of GDP of  14.7Trillion.
It is better to cut spending now and take some pain before it is too late.
This is an emergency to cut spending now based on  Debt/GDP ratio.

See more debt data,

This is an emergency and last call to save our country from total collapse. Stop charging us with communist type redistribution. Cut all spending to balanced budget now.

Our U.S corporation and individuals are facing total nationalization and confiscation of all assets and income to collect national debt. New CEO- offices will be at FEMA camps if they will oppose communists.

Socialism, communism, welfare, subsidies, grants, bail-outs, monopolies like FED, oil cartels, price fixing are illegal and this is terrorism by forced taxation.

Stop looting, reduce current spending. We spend too much in relation to GDP and Tax Revenue:

See the spending as % of Tax Revenue on the pie-chart 4 for the fiscal year 2009, page 5 of 16.

Chart 4 shows that the largest spending  include the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) -23%  and Defense (DoD)- 20% , the Social Security Administration (SSA) -21%,  all other 23%, Department of the Treasury 7% and the interest paid on debt held by the public (i.e., publicly-held debt) -6%. 

See also recent data for the Fiscal Year 2010

See this article below.

Social Security disability on verge of insolvency. Some people including illegals who never worked are getting Supplemental Security Income. This is financial terrorism, extorting money for own existence or reproduction... 

"Today, about 13.6 million people receive disability benefits through Social Security or Supplemental Security Income. Social Security is for people with substantial work histories, and monthly disability payments average $927. Supplemental Security Income does not require a work history but it has strict limits on income and assets. Monthly SSI payments average $500."

Learn simple algebra and % calculation now. I demand that public servant pass algebra test today
including % calculation.

Link to state debt, click the link on the left, top - State Debt Clocks, select state.

United States Public Debt Data

 High debt level as expressed by the ratio - Debt to GDP of 90 % indicates danger level.

Is there a "danger level" of debt?

Economists debate the level of debt relative to GDP that signals a "red line" or dangerous level, or if any such level exists. In January 2010, Economists Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart stated that 90% of GDP might be an indicative danger level.[94] Reinhart testified to the U.S. Senate in February 2010, stating:[95]

Our main finding is that across both advanced countries and emerging markets, high debt/GDP levels
(90 percent and above) are associated with notably lower growth outcomes. Above 90 percent, median growth rates fall one percent, and average growth falls considerably more. In addition, for emerging markets, there appears to be a more stringent threshold for total external debt/GDP; when external debt reaches 60 percent of GDP, annual growth declines by about two percent and for higher levels, growth rates are roughly cut in half. Seldom do countries simply 'grow' their way out of deep debt burdens.

-click on the link above to read more.

Solution to national and personal debt.
Comply with U.S. Constitution and print own money -United States Note - No debt, no interest charge.

Government can print own money with no interest - United States Notes, but it has to be also limited and backed by government income/assets in the same manner like mortgage loan underwriting standards based on debt to income ratio( DTI) where maximum of 30-35% of your gross income can go to pay for the current repayment of all loans plus interest. For example, if you earn salary of $100,000.00, only 30% of your Gross Income can go to pay for all debt plus interest, otherwise you will not get any loan.

In the case of government, balanced budget must be implemented and the maximum healthy ratio must be maintained to pay for current debt and an interest on the debt.
Our current interest on the debt is .42 Trillion and this is 19.09% of current Tax Revenue of $ 2.2 Trillion plus loan principle depending on the length of the loan from
1 year to 30 years. Assuming average term 15 years, current debt repayment is 14.4Trillion /15=.96 Trillion and this is 43.63% of current tax revenue. Add to it interest 19.09%= 62.72% of Tax Revenue and this is too much calling for balanced budget now to stop growing debt. This is an emergency to stop deficit, stop growing debt. No money will be left for defense or Social Security..

There is also other recommended debt ratio as I wrote above expressed as Debt/GDP ratio, maximum 60% of GDP. Our current ratio is almost 100% of GDP.
Budget deficit is recommended maximum 3% of GDP, our current is about 10%.

Large debt is the transfer from poor people and middle class to bankers to pay for the interest on debt.

See videos:

Terminate FED or say goodbye to all your wealth, business, assets. We are facing confiscation of all  wealth, personal and business.
Say goodbye to your job, family , friends, pets..... Say goodbye to your life or say hello to the new career at FEMA camps. See you there or in the heaven.  The Internet might not even exist after government takes over total NWO- Bolshevik control and confiscates all the wealth. Our debt is out of control and there will not be any money to pay for anything. Public servants , Veterans,Social Security,  military…will be homeless, jobless on the street, unemployed.
People are so leveraged: too much mortgage debt, student loans, car loans, credit card loans, property taxes are so high that there is no disposable income to spend to exist. We need to terminate FED, print own money, debt free, interest free, bail-out current borrowers mortgages at Zero interest rate, student loans... . We must force bankers to take losses.
Without that happening the system is going to completely collapse and this is what the criminal bankers like Rothschild… are wanting to happen so they can implement their Bolshevik New World Order and one world government where they enslave the entire planet, so they can depopulate whole planet by 90%, by mass murder and starvation.
 I predicted this revolution based on simple calculation. When people starve , the revolution must come. See our debt data, stop the growth of illegal debt and illegal interest, stop illegal communist redistribution. Terminate FED today and print our money now. Wake up now or wake up in the front of mass graves.  

Top US Federal Judge Assassinated After Threat To Obama Agenda -to confiscate our private pension plans - 401K , savings and bank accounts.

Terminate illegal  banking monopoly FED now.!

Come to me, I would be your nicest Ponzi Scheme, the parasite, better than FED. I can print the fiat money as FED does, with no reserve for income/capital and charge you only 1% =$145 Billions in annual interest, versus FED - $454 Billions annually on current debt of 14.5Trillion, so people can save $309 billion annually.

Do not forget that FED is illegal and that government can print our own money, debt free, interest free as required by Constitution.
I wonder why people like to pay to FED and these criminal bankers so much for the interest and they are also other FED fee- statutory 6%. I would become the richest Ponzi Scheme-Parasite in the world collecting interest, doing nothing while masses will work and pay taxes to pay for the interest to me.

Current system is not capitalism, it is communism with illegal monopolies including communist type banking monopoly FED printing illegal money and charging us illegal interest.
 Who wants me to print nation money for less interest? Deliver to me the contract so I can make the accounting entry by computer to the Treasury Department in the amount of deficit = 1.5Trillion so America can go shopping. You do not have to starve. I can print more money and bail-out mortgage loans, student loans, credit cars, auto loans, personal loans... at less than 1%. Twist or refinance the national and personal debt with me.
Why pay 14% on credit cards, why pay mortgage 6% ... do shopping this should be our new profession, shop until you drop and stimulate the economy in all areas.
See the annual interest we are paying $ 453.3 billion and add to it the repayment of the debt and this is about $1 Trillion in total payments. This is almost 50% of total Tax Revenue and the next implied conclusion is that there will not be any money to pay for Social Security, Veterans, Military, poor.. and next, the government will increase the taxes and some confiscation of personal/business Assets including our lives in Bolshevik style FEMA camps – mass murder camps.

See the Solution to Greece National Debt.
EU official: banks agree 50 pct cut on Greek debt

See this, private banks agreed to take losses on Greece debt -50%. Watch now for extortion of bail-outs from our government. US banks should also be forced to take more than 50 % losses on current mortgage debt, student loan and interest should be 0-1%, just to cover the cost of keeping the mortgage records. Our government should terminate FED and redeem our national debt, forcing FED - bankers to take the losses. Demand termination of FED and demand bail-out of your mortgages and student loans since these loans were illegal-fiat money and illegal interest.
 Private investors agreed Thursday morning to accept losses of 50 percent on their Greek bonds, a European Union official said, removing the last apparent roadblock to a broad plan to solve the continent's debt crisis.

The deal with private creditors would significantly cut Greece's debt load, the very problem that kicked off the eurozone's debt drama almost two years ago.
At an emergency summit in Brussels, European leaders had already agreed to force banks to raise euro106 billion ($148 billion) by June — partially to ensure they could weather the expected losses on Greek debt.
They also neared agreement on boosting the firepower of the continent's bailout fund to around euro1 trillion ($1.4 trillion) to help it protect larger economies like Italy and Spain from the sort of market pressures that pushed Greece to need a rescue.

Read more:

History of public debt

Link to World Debt.

Recommended Debt/GDP ratio is maximum 60 %,

Recommended Deficit/GDP ratio is maximum 3%

UK Debt/GDP = 388%, Ireland  Debt/GDP ratio = 1,110.07%

See more,

Poverty is growing. People are losing jobs, homes, retirement savings, prosperity and freedom going to Tent Cities.

Social- socialism-communism, welfare state is not legal in USA. Comply with U.S. Constitution. We are not responsible to pay for some body's reproduction, welfare, children's education, bail-outs, subsidies. Stop looting and corruption from Medicare, Medicaid - these must be private.

Socialism is terrorism, extorting money at taxpayer's cost. Terminate communist-terrorist camps called public schools. Property taxes are going up and up for some body's reproduction and children. Be own teacher, seek private charities. People are losing their homes to tax sale, not able to pay for ever growing property taxes to pay for some body's barbarism, terrorism. My friends are making only 60, 000.00 , property taxes are 10,000.00 , they are not able to pay and thy are losing their house in illegal barbaric tax sale to pay for "teachers" to pay for somebody " children" .

 Comply with U.S. Constitution now and deport all socialist-communist to their countries.
 EU is dying in own  communism waste, our debt is out of control. Socialism, communism is the transfer from poor and middle class to the wealthy under communist theory.

If our debt goes out of control there will not be any money to pay for Social Security, military, defense, veterans, simple algebra and imagine 65 million elderly, 50 million food stamp -welfare people, military veterans on the street in tent cities. It is coming. Terminate terrorist-communist camps called-public schools. Terminate illegal property taxes on people's primary home now.

See tent cities -Stop illegal property taxes on primary home.!!!

OCCUPY PROPERTY- COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR –Bolsheviks. Execute the justice against public servant for the treason today.

Property taxes on our homes are not legal and they are going up and up. Recently they went up 18% while the values of people homes went down. People are not able to pay for these taxes and the county-state governments are taking these houses in tax seizure and sale them in tax sale. I saw the elderly women evicted by police from her home because she was not able to pay...

Tent cities spring up in LA-Stop illegal property taxes on primary home.!!!

Ted's Camp in Tent City, Nashville, TN

Stop illegal property taxes now on primary home.!!!  Stop this Bolshevism-Zionist communism, deport your public servants -communists to their original homeland. More people will lose their homes because they can not afford to pay for property taxes.

Grim' foreclosure outlook for Los Angeles through 2012

The housing crisis will claim nearly 200,000 Los Angeles homes to foreclosure through next year - more than 80,000 of them in the San Fernando Valley - a report released Thursday predicts.
"The Wall Street Wrecking Ball," a report authored by two nonprofit housing advocates, estimates the mortgage meltdown has eroded almost $80 billion from the region's property values.

"We are all feeling the effects of foreclosures and we need strong solutions to the crisis - not just for families losing their homes but for all of us," said Kevin Stein, associate director of the California Reinvestment Coalition, which collaborated on the study with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.

The report breaks down foreclosures by ZIP code, along with the decline in value of each property, the financial impact on the surrounding neighborhood and the total impact on property values. The study uses foreclosure information beginning in 2008 - when millions of homeowners begin defaulting on escalating variable-rate loans - and uses current trends to project activity through 2012.
An analysis shows that 80,654 homes in Valley ZIP codes are expected to be lost to foreclosure by the end of next year. The value of those homes is estimated at roughly $10.5 billion.
Citywide, a total of 199,894 homes, with a value of $25.9 billion, will be foreclosed on by the end of 2012.
To read more clink on above link.

Mortgage default warnings surged in August

Report: Mortgage default warnings spiked in August, signaling potential new foreclosure wave

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Banks have stepped up their actions against homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, setting the stage for a fresh wave of foreclosures.
The number of U.S. homes that received an initial default notice -- the first step in the foreclosure process -- jumped 33 percent in August from July, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac Inc. said Thursday.

Bank of America  demolishes houses to cut glut of foreclosed and abandoned houses it can’t sell, has a new tool to get rid of the most decrepit ones: a bulldozer.

This is genocide against the people who lost jobs, unable to pay for ever growing property taxes. Banks could refinance mortgages so people could afford monthly payment or deffer the payment of mortgages. Property taxes must be terminated now!!! Terminate communist property taxes now!!!.

US poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6.

Measured by total numbers, the 46 million now living in poverty is the largest on record dating back to when the census began tracking poverty in 1959. Based on percentages, it tied the poverty level in 1993 and was the highest since 1983.
To read more, click below.

The Pentagon has been unable to account for trillions of dollars, well over almost $10 trillion

Accounting Problems: You think Enron's accounting was troubled? The Pentagon has very little accountability when it comes to its books. Since first submitting financial accounts in 1991, the Pentagon "has been unable to account for trillions of dollars, well over almost $10 trillion by my own account," says Glain. Conspiracy theorists suggest this is CIA money being laundered through the Pentagon, a claim Glain has some sympathy for.

See also my articles:

Destroy current system - NWO - communism dictatorship and restore our America to Constitution. God bless our People and our America, please lead our government to do proper reforms.
USA, Liberty, in God We Trust, unite in one and defend our Constitution.

We do not have any property rights. Government can levy taxes -100% on our income, retirement savings.. and assets to satisfy the payment of the debt, it means confiscation.

We do not need war and more spending, we need more jobs and the growth of economy.
Comply with antitrust laws and stop illegal job offshoring and stop illegal damping of foreign products on USA. We are trash now and communist in power are looting from us.
Public servants exterminated American jobs, domestic production, prosperity and  freedom.

See communists in U.S. government, converting America to Communism.

Wake up now or wake up in the front of FEMA camps and mass graves. Communists governments exterminated 150 million of own people, expect the same.

Stop communists looting now before it is too late. This is an emergency! Balanced budget now.!!!  Stop illegal debt now. Reduce spending by 1.5Trillion to balanced budget.

George Soros wants to collapse U.S. $ to implement world currency system. NWO-Jewish-Zionist Communist mafia wants to collapse our economy to take over totalitarian control. FEMA camps are waiting for us. Communists are looting from America, redistributing our wealth out of control. 

U.S. debt is growing out of control, deficit is increasing and we are facing credit downgrade, currency collapse, economy collapse because our debt to GDP ratio is very high, almost 100% and the payment on current interest and principal might take whole tax revenues if looting continues.
George Soros openly discusses New World Order, SDR's, Dollar Decline, World Currency. Wants to collapse U.S.$. 

See more videos - George Soros

Rating agencies - Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings possible downgrade if the payments on the debt or an interest are missed. 

In its new report, Moody's said that it would consider the government in default only if it missed an interest or principal payment on its debt, not if the government had to delay payments in such areas as federal employee salaries, Social Security or bills from vendors. Click on the link to read more.

Stop communist type redistribution and charging us with the debt. Make nationalized mortgage companies private.

Reduce government spending to balanced budget today. Public servants can donate own money to these parasites who want who need from own pockets -this should be mandatory.
Redistribution=socialism=terro​rism are not legal.

Government nationalized Fannie and Freddie mortgages at taxpayers cost and guarantied  two years ago  - $5 Trillion.Today it is much larger  almost $7Trillion. These companies produce losses and they are charging us with the debt, demolishing foreclosed houses to reduce supplies and to control the price.
They continue also buying mortgages from the banks and charge us with the debt, losses, guarantee.

Government-sponsored enterprise, GSE : Fannie Mae, FHL Banks, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae-student loans, Farm Credit Bank,  Resolution Funding Corp. Financing Corp .Toatal  GSE -Debt - $ 947.5 Billions

Most of GSE companies  like Fannie, Freddie Mortgages are nationalized and they are producing annual losses between $300 -$400 billion.

See also Mortgage Backed Security -MBS
As of the second quarter 2011 there is about $13.7 trillion in total U.S. mortgage debt outstanding.[21] There are about $8.5 trillion in total U.S. mortgage-related securities.[22] About $7 trillion of that is securitized or guaranteed by government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) or government agencies, the remaining $1.5 trillion pooled by private mortgage conduits.[21] Mortgage backed securities can be considered to have been in the tens of trillions, if Credit Default Swaps are taken into account.

Government subsidies and nationalization of  Fannie and Freddie are unconstitutional drain on our economy and liberties. Economy collapsed because of these poor mortgage underwriting standards and subsidies - all created by public servants in collusion with corrupted banks.

See Federal takeover (nationalization) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They are producing losses and we taxpayers are charged for it, increasing our national debt.

See my article -the truth about communist type-bail-outs. Public servants extorted with FED
$16 Trillion and they are looting everywhere.

Link to  U.S.  public debt.

Lesson 1 National Debt & Budget Deficit Explained

Lesson 2 - The Federal Reserve System Explained - pt.1

Lesson 2 - The Federal Reserve System Explained -pt.2

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Terminate the Federal Reserve System - Ponzi Scheme and financial terrorist. Collapsed our economy and extorted bail-outs. QE-Qantitative Easing, Debt Monetary System.

I am calling for National Tax Revolt and Termination of Federal Reserve. I care not who goes bankrupt. We are bankrupt anyway.

Stop the crimes of FED –shareholders.Terminate FED – illegal communist type banking.

Lies and corruption of FED. Bought an "opinion of economists", on FED payroll.

British government begins stealing, confiscates its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse.

We are on suicidal mission. Never say never again. I love you, James Bond.
Welcome to Soviet Union.! on USA - territories -  Bolshevik Mission accomplished.

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