Friday, June 3, 2011

I am calling for National Tax Revolt and Termination of Federal Reserve. I care not who goes bankrupt. We are bankrupt anyway.

USA, Liberty! In God We Trust. Defend our Constitution and terminate illegal, communist type banking monopoly - Federal Reserve System - financial terrorist and the heart of the current NWO- communism.

Federal Reserve System is national security threat to our country, our economy, freedom and prosperity. FED collapsed our economy, extorted more than $16 Trillion from us in bail-outs that went to foreign banks.

FED created economic collapse. Million of people lost jobs, millions of people lost homes, millions of people lost retirement savings, millions of people are living in poverty. 50 millions of people are living on food stamps now and more is to come. Our national debt is out of control. More people are losing the jobs and more foreclosure is coming. We are standing in the shadows of mass graves. Wake up now or never.

Other foreign predators like communist China are taking this opportunity of our economic collapse and buying controlling interest in our "American" corporations, buying our resources at discounted prices.

Our American corporations are no longer American because the foreign ownership is now more than 50% and they are dumping their made in China products on our market exterminating  our Capitalism-free markets, American domestic production, American jobs, American prosperity and freedom.
This is communism-dictatorship and we are part of global NWO- global communism and fascist type global monopolies.

We are slaves now to foreign interest and public corrupted servants, serving these foreign corporations and FED - global banking financial terrorist.

 We can stop this communism-dictatorship and looting.

USA, Liberty!  Defend our Constitution. Defend Capitalism - The key to freedom and prosperity.

I am calling for national tax revolt on state and federal levels.

Unite and do not pay for coming property taxes and any other taxes to bring down communist state government to balanced budget.

Demand termination of property taxes.

Demand termination of Unions in government.

Demand termination of illegal, unconstitutional Ponzi Scheme- Federal Reserve System.

Execute the justice and charge all public servants with the crime, corruption and the debt.

We must charge all these criminals with the debt that is out of comntrol now. Confiscate the wealth from all criminals who created debt.
U.S. National debt is the transfer from poor people and middle class to pay for the interest to banks. No money will be left to pay for Social Security , defense...

I care not who goes bankrupt. Most people are poor, starving, homeless and already bankrupt
facing starvation and mass murder from the communist-dictatorship government.

Do not forget that communists governments exterminated 149 million of own people by mass murder and starvation- food control and poison. Expect the same.

Terminate Federal Reserve System - Confiscate all wealth of FED shareholders - Ponzi Scheme.
"Give me control of the nation's money and I care not who makes the laws" - Rothschild- The shareholder of FED. 

See the List of 10 primary FED Shareholders

The Rothschilds-London, The Rothschilds-Berlin, The Lazard Brothers-Paris, Israel Seiff-Italy,
Kuhn-Loeb Company-Germany, The Warburgs-Amsterdam, The Warburgs-Hamburg,
Lehman Brothers-NY, Goldman Sachs-NY, The Rockerfellers-NY. 

I predicted that FED might file for the bankruptcy or be nationalized  to protect the wealth of  these above shareholders, but remember, we must go after all shareholders of FED and FED.  FED is redistributing all the wealth to these shareholders and the books on record might show Zero Profits, Zero Assets = Zero Taxes if we want to tax this FED entity or charge it with the crime and damages.

Give public servants warning note and I care not if these public corrupted peasants go bankrupt.
Charge them with crime and confiscate all their wealth as damages. They created illegal debt and charged us with all bail-outs and redistributions.
They made people and our country poor and bankrupt.

Congress in the government has all powers  to terminate FED - illegal Ponzi Scheme.

Terminate all Ponzi Schemes - banks printing illegal money under Ponzi Scheme theory - Fractional Reserve Banking.

  Unite in Action.

1. Nation tax revolt - do not pay any taxes, income, property ...

2.Do not pay for any debt that you have: mortgage, credit cards, auto loans to the bank.

3. Execute justice : terminate FED, make all national debt void and charge owners of FED with crime and confiscate all their wealth.

4.Terminate  FED and  terminate Fractional Reserve Banking - this is printing more money than income and assets in reserve.

5.For any debt creation by the government - implement the death penalty.

This should collapse the corrupted system that is illegal and criminal.

This is first step only: give written notice to all governments and FED and banking criminals.

We the people are the power.

Federal Reserve System.

"Give me control of the nation's money and I care not who makes the laws" - Rothschild -
the shareholder of Federal Reserve - Ponzi Scheme.

Most people are poor and bankrupt already. We lost more than 95% of purchasing power because of inflation that was created by the FED,  printing QE- illegal fiat money.

I predicted coming tax revolt anyway. It is better than bloody revolution with no solution to the existing problem.

We have no choice now.

Public peasants- Congress must be forced to balanced budget now and must be forced to terminate FED and confiscate all wealth from FED -Shareholders and banking criminals to pay off all debt that we the people did not produce.

The death penalty must be implemented for the production of deficit and national debt.

I care not if barbarians get the death penalty.

Final Count-down arrived.

We the people are the power against few banking criminals and public peasants.

Make them comply with USA - Constitution, terminate FED now and confiscate all wealth of criminals to pay-off our  illegal national and personal debts.

USA, Liberty. Defend our Constitution now!

NWO-Communism is totalitarian system structure with large monopolies-too big to fail with total power to control the price, production ..It results in poverty, starvation, mass murder, wars as we see today.The worse will come it not stopped . Wake up now or wake up in the front of mass graves.

We can destroy communism by terminating first  FED, IMF, UN... and all too big to fail=too big to jail monopolies by applying Antitrust law like Sherman Antitrust Act, bring back -Glass Steagall Act- destroyed by communist Clinton.

We must implement balanced trade now to stop extermination of local jobs, companies and whole systems by large global-fascist-communist type monopolies. We must limit also the market share of predatory foreign corporations dumping their made in China products in USA to maintain competitive forces, companies.They should be forced to produce in USA if they want to sell their products and they must comply with U.S. Sherman Antitrust laws.

We must be more self-reliant and do not depend on foreign imports or exports-this is suicidal mission.  More reforms are needed to make government smaller to reduce the totalitarian powers of the government. Congress must be forced to terminate FED, terminate Fractional Banking System, implement balanced trade, balanced budget..

Monopolies-price control, fixing prices up and up is the worst and it exterminates our jobs, prosperity, liberty.. and this is the creation of communism system - totalitarian powers-too big to fail= too big to jail monopoly creation as it is today.

If the company is liquidated, most jobs are also liquidated or reduced. This is also monopoly creation and totalitarian system - communism creation.

If you break up all monopolies - it creates more jobs, competitive forces, prosperity...destroys totalitarian system like communism.This is what we should do: terminate FED, break up all oil companies, health care and implement balanced trade now limiting the shares of foreign companies to maintain capitalism with strong competitive forces.

Next step is to reduce government, spin-off most social function of the government to private: Social Security, Medicare, public schools..

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Terminate the Federal Reserve System - Ponzi Scheme and financial terrorist. Collapsed our economy and extorted bail-outs.

Bail-outs - the truth.

Terminate illegal Unions, these are unionized communist bosses extorting the money from taxpayers in the form of bail-outs and making communist revolution.

Video- Ponzi Scheme criminals- Federal Reserve System and shareholder - Ponzi Scheme criminal Rothschilds..

Part 1 of 3

Make a Note that Ponzi Scheme  loans are secured by illegal Taxes. It means more loans, more taxes, more inflation - more hidden taxes on higher prices,  and it means that government can collect all our income and all assets to satisfy the payments of  government Ponzi-Scheme debt.

Part 2 of 3 - Video - click on the link below

Part 3 of 3 - Video - click on the link below

Make a Note that criminals- Ponzi Scheme - Rothschilds - shareholders of FED accumulated more than $500 Trillion in wealth and this is 1/2 of global wealth, killing millions of people by starvation, terrorism and wars.

See also Video - Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Pt 1

Lies and corruption of FED - bought opinion of economist- about 200 of them on FED payroll.

Contact your public servants and give the Notice of Noncompliance.
Be the first one.
Tax revolt is coming anyway.

Scream to you servants, scream to the media, scream everywhere. Boycott the media and write to your public servants.

Links are below to contact public servants.

Facebook connection:

Congress has all powers and legal authotity to terminate FED.
Plese write to terminate FED - illegal banking monopoly.!/congress

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