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Extermination of NYSE and the creation of fascist - communist type global monopoly. Stop this illegal merger and communism-totalitarian system.

Mergers and Acquisition exterminate always competitive forces our jobs, prosperity and freedom.

This is the monopoly creation that will control the price, product/service type, create inflation, reduce output, reduce employment and quality jobs. Higher prices it means higher profits for monopoly but less in Tax Revenue for government, higher unemployment and poverty. This is also national security threat.

In USA the department of Justice, FTC and related agencies must approve any mergers and the truth will set us free that these criminals in government exterminated Capitalism and created communism and fascist based monopolies.

It is illegal in USA to create monopoly.

We have Antitrust law - Sherman Antitrust Act to protect capitalism and competitive forces from predatory mergers and monopoly formation. Monopolies are not legal under Sherman Antitrust Act.

Charge with crime US Department of Justice and all related government agencies that exterminated our prosperity and freedom.

Fire all communists and enforce compliance with the rule of Law.  

See today, the largest extermination of company by mergers and acquisition. Expect job losses and the collapse of capital markets because this is the most speculative company trading exotic financial instruments.

This is NWO-communism-dictatorship, created by our government.

Breaking News - German takeover of New York Stock Exchange

NYSE Euronext in merger talks with Deutsche Boerse

BERLIN—Germany's Deutsche Boerse AG, the company that runs the stock exchange in Europe's largest economy, could soon take over the New York Stock Exchange.
NYSE Euronext Inc., which also operates exchanges in Europe, said Wednesday it is in "advanced discussions" about a possible merger with Deutsche Boerse, owner of the Frankfurt stock exchange.
The new company would have dual headquarters in New York and Frankfurt. The announcement came hours after news of a $2.9 billion merger between the London Stock Exchange and TMX Group Inc., parent company of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Deutsche Boerse shareholders would hold 59 to 60 percent of the combined company. NYSE Euronext said it expected the two market operators to combine their businesses under a new legal entity incorporated in the Netherlands.
NYSE Euronext's shares jumped 14 percent to close at $38.10 in New York.
The New York Stock Exchange is already the world's largest stock market. But its parent, the $9.9 billion NYSE Euronext, isn't even the largest exchange company in the U.S. That title belongs to the $20 billion CME Group Inc. CME runs the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where wheat, corn and pork belly futures are traded, as well as a number of other exchanges.
"The real motivation here is really about competing with the CME Group," said Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of the Tabb Group. Increased competition has made stock trading less profitable. So the answer is to get bigger, he said.
But the thought of a German company taking over the NYSE could run into trouble with Congress, Tabb said. "It's going to get interesting," he said.
The NYSE Group, operator of the New York Stock Exchange, bought Euronext for $10.2 billion in 2007. The combined company handles stock and derivative markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris as well as the NYSE Liffe derivatives market.
Deutsche Boerse, whose predecessor was founded in 1585, operates the stock market in Europe's largest economy. It also runs Europe's largest derivative exchange, the Eurex.
Aite Group analyst Simmy Grewal said more mergers may be on the way. Shares in other exchanges jumped on the news. The Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., the IntercontinentalExchange and CBOE Holdings Inc. all gained more than 4 percent. CME Group rose 1 percent.
Deutsche Boerse AG chief executive Reto Francioni would become the new group's chairman, and NYSE's CEO Duncan Niederauer, based in New York, its CEO.
The new company's executive committee would be drawn equally from the current leadership of both companies.
For Deutsche Boerse, the deal would represent a breakthrough in its aim to strengthen its international profile. Deutsche Boerse had been in merger talks with NYSE Euronext three years ago, but no deal was reached.
In 2006, the company tried to buy Euronext NV in a bid to build a pan-European stock exchange, but it eventually gave up, clearing the way for NYSE to merge with Euronext, which then formed the world's first trans-Atlantic stock exchange.
In 2005, a Deutsche Boerse takeover bid for Britain's London Stock Exchange Group PLC did not succeed.
Baetz reported from Berlin, Craft from New York. Greg Keller contributed from Paris.
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German takeover of New York Stock Exchange seen next week


News 07/08/2011  - Stop this merger now. Expect job losses again. Stop FTC and the U.S. Justice Department - communists creating communist monopolies.

Monopolies = total control = totalitarian system=communism.  German company will have legal ownership and control, more than 65%. This company is the most speculative, trading exotic, financial instruments. Expect total collapse of our capital markets now.

NEW YORK (Xetra: A0DKRK - news) (Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange, an icon of American capitalism, moved closer to ceding control to a German company on Thursday, with few investors lodging any protest.

Some 65.6 percent of NYSE Euronext (Euronext: NYX.NX - news) shareholders backed the $9.4 billion (5.8 billion pounds) takeover of the company that owns the NYSE by Deutsche Boerse AG (Xetra: 581005 - news) , preliminary vote results from the NYSE showed. About 96 percent of votes cast were in favour, the company said. The final vote results are expected on Friday.

The exchanges have promoted the deal as a merger of equals -- in part because it allows Big Board Chief Executive Duncan Niederauer to run the combined entity. The larger Frankfurt-based bourse, however, would control 10 of 17 board positions, while its shareholders will own roughly 60 percent of a yet-to-be-named Netherlands-based holding company.

If roadblocks to the blockbuster deal emerge, they are likely to come from Europe (Chicago Options: ^REURTRUSD - news) . The deal requires approval from 75 percent of Deutsche Boerse shareholders by Wednesday of next week and then would have to survive a thorny European Commission antitrust review that could run through the rest of the year.

Niederauer said shareholders in the German company also back the deal, noting that the challenge there will be in making sure enough investors file the paperwork properly and in time.
"I have not met a single Deutsche Boerse shareholder who is not supportive of the transaction," Niederauer said at the shareholder meeting in New York.

The tie-up between NYSE and the German exchange was announced in February amid a flurry of cross-border deal attempts by exchanges eager to cut costs and diversify in the face of fast-eroding market shares in their traditional stock-trading businesses.

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Extermination of American jobs, domestic production, prosperity and freedom.

Write to public servants to stop illegal mergers.

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