Thursday, June 2, 2011

Restore America to Constitution. Exterminate and spin-off all social function of this Bolshevik government. Private charities can get also government grants for social..

USA, Liberty! In God We Trust. Defend our Constitution. Defend Capitalism - free market - the key to prosperity and freedoms.

Restore America to Constitution from this current barbaric totalitarian system structure: NWO-communism.

See communists in U.S. - government

See that financial control and terrorism of the government and associated criminals is based on socialist-communist Marx - The theory of income redistribution and monopolies  "for the poor"  so these criminals in the control can fix the prices up, create the product and government contract for any products or service, all in the  name of social justice for the poor. 

These financial terrorists - monopolies are making money on us everywhere, fixing the prices up, creating inflation on social programs: housing subsidies, utilities subsidies, welfare, food stamps, public schools, health-care: Medicare, Medicaid, grants, bail -outs, stimulus... .

See the truth that current system is totalitarian or dictatorship system structure: socialism-communism and most people are poor and getting poorer, starving,  bankrupt while these wealthy socialist-communist are more wealthy keeping totalitarian control  and creating terrorism like recent TSA-body scanners where wealthy George Soros and others are making money at the cost of our liberty and prosperity.

Restore America to Constitution, make government smaller and spinoff all current social function of government to private, government regulated, not for profit charities. Government can donate to them also grants for the poor.

We need to spin-off all social-slavery : public schools, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, housing subsidies, utilities subsidies, all other subsidies, grants.. More charities it means more competition and better for the people.

Do not forget to make private Fannie, Freddie - mortgages that were nationalized by communists. Government should not be in any private business or partnership as shown in a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, trading derivatives on stock market, manipulating commodities market...

Illegal Federal Reserve System must be terminated and national bank created to serve the national debt. Illegal Fractional Banking System must be terminated and banks must be required to provide 100% of own capital. Large banks must be broken into several smaller - Glass Steagall Act and Sherman Antitrust Act should be applied.

All other predators too big to fail, too big to jail must be broken into several competing companies under Sherman Antitrust Act. Balanced trade must also be implemented, it means import=export. Be more self - reliant and do not depend on imports or exports.

All parasites-slaves who want to reproduce on welfare or get any Free Stuff  by forced taxation  should go as barbarians to the forest and provide barbaric infrastructure in common for their families. This is not our responsibility to provide any welfare or social by force for these created slaves by elite in power in exchange for vote for them.

I wonder, why it is so hard to learn the civilized Rule of Law – anti-monopoly - Sherman Antitrust Act  that barbaric people or companies should not go, invade or take over other people property or company by force, mergers, acquisitions and taxation.

We lost 95 % of purchasing power due to inflation created by monopolies: price-output control, price fixing,  FED –printing illegal money and the idiocy of public servants. We are poor, starving and I believe now that people will  learn in the front of mass graves as it is shown in the history of Bolshevism – 149 millions of people were exterminated by own governments- monopoly-food control and mass murder in the name of “social justice”. They got free stuff- mass graves and the light by the moon.

NWO- communist agenda. 

1.Create a crises, collapse the system, economy and expand social, welfare, make people poor and  dependent , enslaved by the communist government.

2. Cut all social and welfare to stravation and create revolution to take all victims to  mass graves.  

3.Take totalitarian control in the name of social justice for the poor and keep exterminating innocent people. It happened before and will happen again.

Communists governments exterminated 150 million of own people by starvation and mass murder. This is nothing new, old barbarians-NWO- communists under new name NWO. In my opinion, item 2 started already.

Government role is to protect people’s freedom and prosperity from inside-outside enemies, criminals, barbarians, parasites, monopolies, cartels, barbaric evil dictatorship systems :socialism, communism, fascism, religious dictatorship.

 We the people are the power, millions against few hundreds. Act now,  flip over this current totalitarian pyramid and restore the power and prosperity to the people.

Remember :

USA, Liberty!. In God We Trust. Unite in one, under God and restore our America to Constitution from this current communism-dictatorship system.  Defend Capitalism-free markets as it was created to the benefit of all people, not few criminals.

Inflation - major cause of poverty.

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