Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goldman Sachs - Financial Master - Fraud designer of CDO, MBS.

Celebrate the superior knowledge of  Master - Goldman Sachs - FED banking shareholder and all other banking associates.
We are slaves and uneducated peasants. Long Live the Master, the King of Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Bankers sold to U.S. government fraudulent mortgages that they designed, nationalized Fannie, Freddie and are charging us for the current losses about $500 billion annually increasing our debt, printing illegal money, extorting bail-outs. Government guaranteed also these mortgages, about
$7 Trillion now and fraud is growing.

The U.S. Court of appeals ruled that the Ratings Agencies were innocent of the ensuing fallout because they are protected by the First Amendment.

Goldman Sachs - Financial Master-Fraud designer of CDO, MBS..

GS sold the fraud to idiots as a package: CDO, MBS, ... falsified ratings with the help of rating agencies as AAA while it was FFF and they new about this and they made the bet against it, buying insurance - CDS, selling short. No criminal will ever hide any financial crime.There are videos about GS hearing, Congress was screaming at L.B. and all other criminals. Most banks bought these CDO, MBS and kept as Assets when they sold mortgages to Fannie, Freddie. When these CDO, MBS collapsed, the value went down and most banks, smaller ones went bankrupt. Say goodbye to many jobs.
So, GS destroyed most smaller banks and Merrill Lynch, Lehman B..., all idiots. I would never buy "S***" like this. Also Fannie Freddie predators collapsed and these criminals in government nationalized them. We have now 5 Trillion in additional liabilities because of government guarantee. These criminals are looting now from Fannie, Freddie. We must make them private now to stop looting. They should go private again, issue capital stock, get cash and pay back to taxpayers. People should protest against these nationalized Fannie, Freddie looting.

CDS-Credit Default Swap ( insurance against defaults)

CDO- Certified Debt Obligation

MBS- Mortgage Backed Securities

Do not ever question Goldman Sachs - "fabulous Fab," Mr. Tourre because if you do then you will become Nazi or a Leftist-fascist infiltrator ..

“Lehman Brothers failed but superior knowledge of Fab Tourre- Goldman Sachs made him a King and "Only... potential survivor, the fabulous Fab...standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstruosities!".

Wow, Wow, Wow,...what happened to Master Mr. Tourre ?

"To quote the WSJ: "While the ratings firms may have taken an active role in developing the mortgage-backed securities, the judges found that the companies weren't liable because they didn't act as official underwriters."

If you aren't infuriated, please read that paragraph again. If you still aren't enraged, allow me to clarify. The ratings agencies -- Moody's (MCO), Fitch and Standard & Poor's -- worked with the investment banks to create products that the agencies could classify as investment grade. The agencies were paid by the banks for this service. The banks made a ton of money selling these bogus, literally over-rated mortgage-backed securities, which were attractive solely because of the investment rating. The more faked ratings the agencies dished out, the more money they and the banks made.

The U.S. Court of appeals ruled that the ratings agencies were innocent of the ensuing fallout because they are protected by the First Amendment. You and I, the tax-paying citizens of the United States, were on the hook for saving the world from economic Armageddon. I'm not sure if you in any way got paid off for this, but I sure didn't. I don't like paying for parties I didn't attend, and I'm sure you don't either."
Click on above link to see video.

More links to Congressional hearings:
Look at the "s*** deal" - video- Congressional hearing of Goldman Sachs

Kaptur CHEWS Up Tiny Tim GOLDMAN And Spits Him Out.mp4

Revealing testimony exposes who Timothy Geithner really works for - the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. He is an agent of the foreign owned Federal Reserve Bank. His loyalties are to them. Timothy Geithner is a criminal. He is a proven tax evader. He is a money launderer. A fraudsters.

An embezzler. He is not fit to be the United States Treasury Secretary. He has stolen at least $16 trillion from the American people and gave it all to the foreign owned Federal Reserve Banks.

He is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution: "The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

FED - communist type illegal banking monopoly and banks think that we are stupid.

I could design even better fraud.

Start  the Master Plan.

1.Design poor lending standards, mortgage underwriting, give any amount of loan with no documents, no job, no income, let people gamble on trading the houses in the name of Bolshevik "social justice".

2. Buy good rating -AAA- from these rating agencies and market them to investors as AAA while the s*** is there.

3. If you know your s***, protect your gain by buying insurance against it called CDO. Do also short selling.

4. Change the status of your company from investment -Goldman Sachs INC. to bank status to extort bail-outs from taxpayers. Federal Reserve and Tax Cheat Mr. Geithner are waiting to give you bail-outs so you can gamble more and if you lose any investments, you can charge uneducated masses, idiotic taxpayers with trillion of $. They are slaves anyway, give them food stamps and promise more to keep them in the slavery and darkness.

5. Make money and live high off taxpayers. Take large redistribution from company as bonuses so if government comes for an audit, so show them second book and Zero balances. This is also protection against all law suits that will come. No asset, no capital = no damages

Our superior knowledge in finance and accounting will make us Kings and Masters of Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction. We will create financial crises and we must take all these opportunities and buy these companies like Lehman Brother, Merrill Lynch and all these idiotic small banks at discount prices, taking totalitarian control.

And remember too big to fail is too big to jail and we are the Masters while all slaves are working for us. 

We will be only Masters .. potential survivor,  and the fabulous ..standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstruosities!.

Let's celebrate, all these sexy deals... have some hot chocolate, dance...We are the NR.1 winner.

I wrote a nice article here:  See also video link - more than $16 Trillion  of bailouts  were redistributed by FED to foreign banks.

Link to video - Bail outs. US GDP is $14 Trillion and these $16 Trillion in bail-outs were extorted during this current crises.

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Destroy -NWO- communism-dictatorship structure and restore our America to Constitution.

Restore America to Constitution

Terminate the Federal Reserve System - Ponzi Scheme and financial terrorist. Collapsed our economy and extorted bail-outs.

 Stop national debt. Large debt and interest paid is a transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to the wealthy. Repayment of the debt and interest might take whole tax revenue and no money would be left for Social Security, Military, Veterans, Poor, Defense...

The civilized Rule of Law was created to protect our freedom and prosperity but some people love barbaric system and they love the jungle rule:  by the fist, theft and mass murder.

Antitrust Legislation – This is the Civilized Rule of Law to protect us from barbaric man and  barbaric systems: socialism, communism, religious dictatorship.

Capitalism - free market it means free from: criminals, speculators, Ponzi Scheme, monopolies, cartels, price fixing, predatory mergers-acquisitions - to control the market prices, supplies, government regulation, socialism, communism.

All predators wanting to control us and the markets are subject to USA – Antitrust laws -Sherman Antitrust Act, Glass Steagall Act - applied to banks.
Each country should have own antitrust laws.
Rule of Law applies to all predators, individuals and businesses to protect us.
Government role is to protect us from all barbarians.
 Barbaric man wanting socialism and “social justice”,  must stay in own cave, take the responsibility for own barbaric action,  reproduce on own terms and provide the welfare for  own family.

Bad news are coming for the Masters.

We, the taxpayers should start to celebrate as potential NR1 winners.

How an Inquiry of Goldman Sachs Might Play Out

How an Inquiry of Goldman Sachs Might Play Out

Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters 
Goldman Sachs has already received subpoenas from unnamed regulators investigating its mortgage securities operations. Now, federal prosecutors appear to be interested in those operations as well, and subpoenas could follow.
If so, this would signal a new and potentially more threatening inquiry into its conduct during the financial crisis.
Goldman paid $550 million last year to settle civil charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission over its structuring of a collateralized debt obligation known as Abacus that regulators said was designed to fail. But the size of that settlement may pale in comparison if federal prosecutors find sufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges.
The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations recently sent a referral to the Justice Department about Goldman’s conduct, a move that appears to have set the stage for a criminal investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Goldman Sachs executives were soon expecting the firm to receive subpoenas.
Goldman’s mortgage securities operation is fairly well-trod ground, having been dissected by the S.E.C., the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and Congress over the last two years. The firm has produced millions of pages of documents in connection with these earlier investigations, so it is not clear what is left to be learned about its conduct.
If Goldman does receive Justice Department subpoenas, that would indicate that prosecutors have found enough information about potential criminal conduct in the subcommittee’s report — and perhaps elsewhere — to take the case to the next level by requiring the production of even more documents.
Subpoenas alone would not mean that the Justice Department is poised to file any charges against Goldman or its executives, but the specter of the agency taking such action would certainly weigh on the firm.
While an inquiry could end once the firm responded to any subpoenas, here are some thoughts on how an investigation of Goldman may develop.

Who Would Be in Charge?

The first question that would be answered from a subpoena is which office in the Justice Department would conduct a grand jury investigation. The subcommittee’s referral was sent directly to the attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., and he would determine who in the Justice Department would be responsible for the case.
Two likely candidates are the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York and the Justice Department’s Fraud Section, which is based in Washington.
Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, is currently riding high after the conviction of Raj Rajaratnam, the head of the Galleon Group hedge fund, for insider trading, and his office is generally viewed as pre-eminent in securities fraud prosecutions.
Goldman’s headquarters is in New York, so it would be logical for the United States attorney’s office there to investigate the firm’s actions. On the other hand, any wide-ranging investigation of Goldman would demand significant resources, and there is the possibility that the United States attorney’s office would not handle the case on its own, given its continuing insider trading prosecutions and investigations related to expert networks, which are also demanding attention.
A potential hurdle to conducting the investigation in New York is that one area of inquiry may concern whether Goldman’s officers, including the firm’s chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, testified truthfully before the Senate Permanent Investigations subcommittee about the firm’s mortgage securities operation.
Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, the subcommittee’s Democratic chairman, has said he believes the witnesses from Goldman were misleading in their testimony.
The testimony took place before the subcommittee in Washington, so that would be the only jurisdiction in which the federal court would have venue for any prosecution for perjury or making a false statement to Congress.
Who conducts a Justice Department investigation may also indicate the type of charges being considered. If federal prosecutors were to use a grand jury in Washington, then the more likely focus would be on possible perjury charges and perhaps false filings by Goldman with the S.E.C. A New York grand jury, on the other hand, would be more likely to investigate Goldman’s mortgage securities transactions, which largely originated there.

What Would Subpoenas Seek?

The first step in any fraud investigation is to gather as much evidence as possible that can be used to establish criminal intent. A violation of the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws requires the government to prove the defendant acted “willfully,” so while there is rarely a dispute about what happened, the crucial issue is almost always about what the parties intended.
It is not clear what documents Goldman has that it did not produce to the government in the earlier investigations. Prosecutors would be expected to seek e-mails, text messages and any recorded conversations that have not been turned over because they could reveal what employees were discussing in structuring transactions and dealing with other parties, an important component to proving fraudulent intent.
The next phase of an investigation, if it were to reach this point, would be to call witnesses to the grand jury if prosecutors believed the documents and other evidence produced by Goldman furnished a foundation for proving criminal violations. While records are often crucial to providing the structure for any prosecution, live witnesses are needed to bring a case to life.
And this would be where the major sticking point is likely to be. The greatest challenge to pursuing any prosecution of Goldman and its officers related to its mortgage operation would be proving intent to defraud, if the case involves mortgage securities sales to clients, or intent to mislead Congress, if a perjury or false statement case is under consideration.
Establishing that Goldman committed any crime would be based on the knowledge and intent of all of its employees, which can be aggregated into the collective knowledge of the organization. But it would be crucial, in my opinion, for prosecutors to identify culpable individuals within the firm to show that they acted to benefit Goldman so that the firm could be held responsible.
To make a criminal case out of the mortgage activities, prosecutors would need at least one credible witness from inside the firm to point the finger at Goldman and its executives to show the company’s culpability, proving that it was more than just a sharp operator.
An earlier case against two Bear Stearns hedge fund managers for securities fraud related to the collapse of the mortgage-backed securities market, which ended in their acquittal, foundered in large part because prosecutors relied exclusively on e-mails to prove the fraud, with no witnesses to testify about the managers’ intent.
It would be almost impossible to successfully prosecute Goldman or any officers based on hostile witnesses from the firm, especially when e-mails and internal communications can be subjected to conflicting interpretations. Typical of most white-collar prosecutions, the government would need to build a case against lower-level employees in the hope they could provide incriminating testimony about their superiors.
If the S.E.C.’s continuing civil fraud case against a Goldman employee, Fabrice Tourre, arising from the Abacus C.D.O. deal, is any indication of how hard individual employees will fight charges, the Justice Department may have a difficult time lining up witnesses against senior officers to make a criminal case.

Is Goldman Too Big to Charge?

Any criminal charges against Goldman for securities fraud would be likely to jeopardize its continuing operations. The S.E.C.’s securities fraud case against the firm, filed in April 2010, involved only civil charges, yet the company’s stock price slumped significantly. The Wall Street Journal’s article on Friday about the potential Justice Department subpoenas also had a negative impact on the firm’s stock, so imagine what any actual criminal charges might do to it.
The so-called Arthur Andersen effect will be on the minds of prosecutors if the investigation were ever to reach the point of possible criminal charges against the firm. There would be concern, much like after the accounting firm Arthur Andersen was convicted for its role in the Enron scandal, that a case against Goldman could put the jobs of innocent employees at risk and cause substantial losses for investors who had nothing to do with any possible misconduct in the firm’s mortgage operation.
The device most commonly used these days to deal with corporate criminal liability is a deferred prosecution agreement, under which a company admits that violations occurred but any charges are dismissed once it completes the conditions of the agreement, like adopting internal reforms and appointing an outside monitor.
Whether that would satisfy prosecutors, who are under pressure to pursue criminal charges against Wall Street for the financial crisis, or be acceptable to Goldman, which has resisted all claims that it acted improperly, is very much an open question.
Indeed, even thinking about a possible criminal case at this point is getting far ahead of where things stand. Yet if Goldman does receive grand jury subpoenas, I think they will reflect the Justice Department’s interest in conducting a fairly broad inquiry of the firm’s conduct during the financial crisis and its aftermath.
It is unlikely there is a “smoking gun” document out there waiting to be discovered, given how many other agencies have rummaged through Goldman’s records.
But if prosecutors can identify individuals whose conduct comes close to the line of securities fraud, then they may well turn up the heat on them to see if a case can be built against senior management and the firm itself.

Goldman's new money machine: warehouses-monopolizing  and controlling commodities

A string of warehouses in Detroit, most of them operated by Goldman, has stockpiled more than a million tonnes of the industrial metal aluminum, about a quarter of global reported inventories.

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Goldman Sachs is also the shareholder of FED and see more crimes

Our GDP is $14 Trillion.

All financial "Masters"- criminals are walking free, looting from us in the name of social justice while
we "idiots" are working as a slaves.

Extorted bail-outs to banks are more than $16 Trillion and I believe there are more, hidden.

In addition, nationalized Fannie, Freddie mortgages are $7 Trillion in liabilities due to the government guarantee and they are producing losses charging us with the bonuses redistributed from these government owned entities.

See the video -bail outs- more than 16 Trillion went to foreign banks.


The case is getting hot and sexy, ooh, ooh.
Goldman Sachs got new subpoena from Manhattan DA

See the news:

All parties are waiting for suggestions, nervous, avoiding all questions
their lips are dry, their hearts are gently pounding, acting shy looking for an answer
Come on sugar, tell me all.

We need Rod Stewart - Do you think I'm sexy case.

Wow, wow, wow!

Public servants are getting it, and fabulous Fabrice Tourre, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) trader accused of misleading investors in a collateralized debt obligation, must face a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a judge ruled.

Breaking news. Wow, wow, wow..

Feds sue biggest US banks over risky mortgages

Government sues 17 banks including Bank of America, Citi, Goldman Sachs over risky mortgages
On Friday September 2, 2011, 5:01 pm

NEW YORK (AP) -- The government has sued the nation's largest banks, along with a handful of other financial institutions and executives, for violating federal and state laws in the sale of home mortgage-backed securities.
Among the 17 institutions targeted by the lawsuits were Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., JP Morgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs.
Home mortgage-backed securities were risky investments whose collapse after the real-estate bust helped fuel the financial crisis that erupted in late 2008.
The lawsuits were filed Friday by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

I hope, we taxpayers will get our money back.

Let's celebrate the sexy deal.


Never say never again. Celebrate now the superior knowledge of public servants.

Good news for us, taxpayers who lost billions of $ on mortgages acquired-nationalized by government.

Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite, They Start Turning On Each Other

Let's pray for public servants to win the case, make these fraudulent mortgages Fannie, Freddie private again.

More Bad news for bankers.

Citigroup paying $285M to settle SEC fraud charges

Citigroup paying $285 million to settle civil fraud charges over complex mortgage investments

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Citigroup has agreed to pay $285 million to settle civil fraud charges that it misled buyers of complex mortgage investments just as the housing market was starting to collapse.
The Securities and Exchange Commission said Wednesday that the big Wall Street bank bet against the deal in 2007 and made $160 million in fees and profits. Investors lost millions.
Citigroup neither admitted nor denied the SEC's allegations in the settlement.

"We are pleased to put this matter behind us and are focused on contributing to the economic recovery, serving our clients and growing responsibly," Citigroup said in a statement.
Click on the link to read more.


JP Morgan Chase AGREES To Pay 13 Billion Dollars In Penalties

Remember that most these fraudulent mortgages were on Stated Income, Stated Assets loan programs and they should get the worst rating, never A or B. These criminals sold these mortgages to investors and government.
JP Morgan Chase and other banking criminals extorted Trillions of $ in bail-outs from taxpayers  to do loan modification at 2% to help homeowners, to stop crashing economy  but they did not do it . They confiscated peoples houses in foreclosure below fair market value  leaving millions homeless, jobless, sinking economy.
In addition to it JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs monopolized commodity markets and increased food prices and other commodities including oil creating total collapse of economy and poverty.


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