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The major causes of poverty. Monopolies and illegal price-market control.

USA, Liberty!, defend U.S. Constitution, defend capitalism-free market system, the key to freedom and prosperity as protected by antitrust laws against all monopolies -market/price control. The wealth is redistributed by competitive forces to the benefit of all people, not few in the form of lower prices and better quality products/services.

The lack of competitive forces leads to the creation of monopolies, market/price control and results in poverty. Monopolies are not legal because they create dictatorship system structure, destroy our liberty and prosperity. Monopolies=high prices and inflation, it is the transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to few wealthy and parasites.


Inflation refers to a rise in prices that causes the purchasing power of a nation to fall and it is the transfer of the wealth from poor people and middle class to the wealthy individuals and monopolies.

Solution - Comply with U.S. Constitution and Capitalism -free market system under Antitrust laws against all monopolies and illegal market/price control.

Solution to all problems : illegal price/market control, inflation, poverty, slavery, terrorism, wars..
is to comply with U.S. Constitution or you are dead.

Terminate illegal, unconstitutional banking monopoly the FED, terminate also Fractional Banking System- it means increase own capital, reduce debt/leverage secure all money by own capital/assets.

Comply with Antitrust legislation -Sherman Antitrust Act, Restore -Glass Steagall Act-applicable to banks to kill to big to fail to big to jail predators, monopolies to stop illegal market and price control.
Break down all predators/monopolies, limit their market share to increase competitive forces to lower the prices. Increase capital requirements, reduce leverage to reduce speculation and systemic risk to the whole economy

Ron Paul "There's A Simple Solution To All This & That Is Obey The Constitution!"

There are many causes for inflation, depending on a number of factors.

Inflation is caused by the lack of competitive forces/companies, monopoly-cartels price fixing, price control, market control, collusion, government regulation, taxes, currency manipulation, commodity price fixing, QE-printing fiat money, low capital requirements or high leverage, interest rate on the debt and incompetency of public servants in control.

The dictatorship system structure like socialism-communism contributes to the inflation created by government control, government monopolies, cartels, price control and it is leading to poverty, starvation, wars and mass murder.

Government is like predatory monopoly, controlling the market and the prices to collect higher taxes on higher prices=inflation

Ron Paul - Inflation is a transfer of the wealth from poor people to the wealthy. Poor people suffer the most .

Bernanke:  "Inflation is a tax"

Inflation caused by the incompetency of public servants can be calculated.

I can not take this idiocy any more. "FED is fighting with deflation".

Example: sale 4 items x $6 = Total Revenue of $24.00 x tax rate 10% = $2.4 in Tax Revenue.
Now lower the price to $4 and sale 6 items = also $24.00 x tax rate 10% = $2.4 in Tax Revenue.
Now, sale 8 items at the price of $4 = $32 x tax rate 10% = $3.2 in Tax Revenue.

When you lower the price, more people will be able to afford to buy.

Lowering price does not cause deflation or lower Tax Revenue. It is increasing the wealth of the people and Tax Revenue.

Our public peasants think that higher oil prices or any other prices would generate higher taxes but they are wrong as always.

Higher prices benefit always monopoly, cartels or an individual but not the government or economy as a whole.

I share the opinion with  many economists including John Tamny that people will benefit from lower prices and economy will grow.

Inflation – FED - Printing Money - QE-Quantitative Easing to finance deficit spending called also monetization of the debt and  Fractional Banking System

Illegal Zionist- Jewish- Bolshevik banking monopoly FED and their criminal owners are controlling the money, collapsing global economies, printing illegal money buying global resources, companies, food supplies, taking totalitarian global control of the production, creating monopolies, limiting food supplies, fixing prices, creating an inflation, poverty, starvation, mass murder and wars.
Zionist bankers are the same Jewish Bolsheviks who created Russian Bolshevik Revolution, implemented communism in many countries and exterminated 150 million of innocent people by starvation- food control and mass murder.

Comply with U.S. Constitution, terminate illegal, unconstitutional banking monopoly, the FED. We can  print own money, debt free, interest free. We do not have to starve, we do not have to die.

See more about FED monetary policy and debt financing.

FED monetary policy - printing $ called QE is exactly devaluation or collapsing of $ leading to inflation in commodity prices that went up already about 80% comparing to last year. See this on the chart.

This is what FED did. Printing illegal-fiat money called QE-Quantitative Easing, collapsing $ currency causing an increase of all commodity prices and as the result people are starving now due to higher food prices... You do not increase the prices when people are starving- this is mass murder. This is an additional reason to terminate FED - financial terrorist, illegal banking monopoly.

Prices end up rising at an extremely high speed to keep up with the currency surplus.

Higher prices of commodities are increasing, creating higher input prices for many products including food.

As nations borrow money, they have to deal with interests, which in the end cause prices to rise as a way of keeping up with their debts.

Since the creation of FED, we lost more than 95% of purchasing power due to inflation.

A deep drop of the exchange rate can also result in inflation, as governments will have to deal with differences in the import/export level.

See more : Federal Reserve, Monetary Policy, Fractional Reserve Banking, Quantitative Easing

Lack of competitive forces is the major cause of price control and price increase, price fixing, manipulation, collusion by monopolies and cartels.

The price of oil was already more than $150.00 , so this time it will be much higher due to the price control by oil producers and OPEC - Cartel and speculators.
The average production cost of oil in The Middle east is about $12.00 , in the Gulf of Mexico it is about 45$ but at the present time the price is about $100.00 creating poverty and starvation.

Monopolies and price control are not legal and they are subject to Antitrust Law - Sherman Antitrust Act.

In EU - it is Competition Law.

Apply Sherman Antitrust Act to break up predators into several companies to create more competitive forces as it was the case in Standard Oil antitrust case where the company was broken into several smaller companies to restore competitive forces to reduce price control.

See articles- price control and lack of competitive forces is responsible for high prices.

Wall Street Is An Illegal Cartel That Needs To Be Busted Up: William Cohan

The big Wall Street banks have achieved so much control over their industry that they amount to an illegal cartel, says William Cohan, a former banker and the author of many books and articles about Wall Street, including "Money And Power," a book about Goldman Sachs.

The pricing power and profits that the big banks have is similar to that of Standard Oil, Cohan argues, referring to the gigantic oil monopoly owned by John Rockefeller that was broken up a century ago.

Cohan observes that prices of transactions like IPOs and M&A deals are basically fixed across the industry and produce humongous profits. And smaller "boutique" firms are not able to compete on price because they lack the distribution and influence of the biggest banks.

Cohan believes that the government should intervene, breaking the cartel's stranglehold

See more

Oil Production cost. Price - volume - output control.

See the Video
Price manipulation. Better Late Than Never: Regulators Charge Two Traders for 2008 Oil Spike

Links to more articles

Oil's Endless Bid: Financial Players Have "Overrun" Energy Markets,...
Gas Prices Up Because of LEGAL Speculation; Not Manipulation, Consu...
$100 Oil? Blame Speculators and the Bank Lobby, Consumer Advocate Says
5 Ways to Stop Speculators from Pushing Up Oil Prices
Oil Surges Again: Speculation vs. Fundamentals Debate Rages

Illegal Commodities - control by banks

Goldman's new money machine: warehouses-monopolizing and controlling commodities
A string of warehouses in Detroit, most of them operated by Goldman, has stockpiled more than a million tonnes of the industrial metal aluminum, about a quarter of global reported inventories.

Read more

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JP. Morgan ... manipulating the price of large metals, fixing prices – up and limiting supplies.
Wall Street Gets Eyed in Metal Squeeze.

The real-total production cost = the cost of labor, materials and overhead- ( other than labor, materials) The cost of the labor does not go up but the prices of commodities are controlled by the criminal element.

Commodity Wars: JP Morgan Stockpiling Inventory to Control Prices, the Flow of Goods, & Rents .

The prices will always fall to production cost. It is always the truth. Look at the real production cost of gold 400-500, the rest is manipulation, illegal control, current price is about 1,700.00$400-500-24530-3-24531.html

The Rothschilds Controls The Gold Market! Criminal Manipulation

‎2010, Barrick produced 7.8 million ounces of gold at total cash costs of $457 per ounce2 or net cash costs of $341 per ounce3. 

Current price of gold is about $1,700.00 and this is illegal price manipulation and gold control by predators like Rothschild. Prices will always fall to production cost.

Global monopoly and Price control - Gold and derivatives.

The dictatorship system structure like socialism-communism contributes to the inflation created by government control, government monopolies, cartels, price control 
and it is leading to poverty, starvation, wars and mass murder.

USA, Liberty! Defend our Constitution and capitalism free-market system. Terminate illegal government monopolies, agencies, spin them off,  make them private.
U.S. Constitution and Capitalism –free-market system is the only legal system as protected by the rule of law -Sherman Antitrust Act.
All other forms: crony- capitalism, corporatism, plutocracy, state capitalism, socialism, communism , Idiocy are not legal in USA.
Capitalism-free market system was created to the benefit of all people to redistribute the wealth in the form of lower competitive prices, better quality products/services, jobs and it is protected under civilized rule of law - Sherman Antitrust Act - from all parasites, predators, socialism, communism, social, predatory mergers-acquisitions, subsidies, bail-outs, monopolies, price control, inflation, poverty, idiocy, global free trade - job offshoring and illegal imports to dump foreign products to exterminate domestic production and jobs.
Socialism =communism  is not legal in USA. Socialism-communism is redistribution of the wealth from the poor and middle class to few wealthy individuals and monopolies. It is based on communist Marx- the theory of income redistribution by progressive forced taxation, terrorism and controlled by the government monopolies. It is breeding crime, corruption, inflation, poverty, starvation, discrimination, idiocy, inequality, terrorism, wars and mass murder. Our current economy system structure is under communism in advanced stages, as supported by the evidence and the system is collapsing under own waste.
Communists invaded USA progressively by the creation of illegal communist type banking monopoly FED and illegal taxation in 1913. We lost all property rights. Government can collect from us all income and all property to satisfy the payment of taxes and national debt.
Communists created government monopolies, to loot from us in the name of social justice. These are government-communist type monopolies and redistribution by taxation- Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public schools, welfare, parasitic government agencies… bail-outs, subsidies, grants, welfare, global free trade –job offshoring and imports that cause the injuries to the domestic markets and jobs. Crime and corruption against us is everywhere, our debt is out of control and there will not be any money to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Veterans, Military, Defense, poor..
Monopolies- Government created monopolies, price control, inflation, extermination of jobs

FTC - Federal Trade Commission is responsible for the creation of monopolies by allowing mergers, acquisition, liquidation of competitive forces. This is extermination of jobs, our prosperity and freedom.
Add to it corrupted Department of Justice.
Monopolies are controlling the prices due to the lack of competitive forces. All mergers and acquisition are reducing jobs.

Monopolies = total control=totalitarian system=communism=poverty, starvation, slavery, mass murder, wars.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an independent agency of the United States government, established in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act. Its principal mission is the promotion of consumer protection and the elimination and prevention of what regulators perceive to be harmfully anti-competitive business practices, such as coercive monopoly.

The Bureau of Competition is the division of the FTC charged with elimination and prevention of "anticompetitive" business practices.

It accomplishes this through the enforcement of antitrust laws, review of proposed mergers, and investigation into other non-merger business practices that may impair competition. Such non-merger practices include horizontal
restraints, involving agreements between direct competitors, and vertical restraints, involving agreements among businesses at different levels in the same industry (such as suppliers and commercial buyers).

The FTC shares enforcement of antitrust laws with the Department of Justice. However, while the FTC is responsible for civil enforcement of antitrust laws, the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice has the power to bring both civil and criminal action in antitrust matters.

Inflation – Rise in production cost, taxes, government regulation.

Another common cause of inflation is a rise in the production costs, which leads to an increase in the price of the final product. For example, if raw materials increase in price, this leads to the increase in production cost , which in turn leads to the company increasing prices to maintain steady profits. Rising labor costs can also lead to inflation. As workers demand wage increases, companies usually chose to pass on those costs to their customers. Government is also causing price increases by taxes and the cost of regulations.

Inflation by Taxation
Stop idiocy and retardation now. Stop these criminals welfare-bail-out terrorists, communists.
Stop lies.

See that, this is inflation by taxation, the way to starvation and bankruptcy.
Companies must rise the taxes to cover up total cost otherwise they will have losses due to taxes.

Make Note that the sales tax is on Gross Sales, before all expenses. These communist taxes must be paid on Gross Sales even when company has a loss.

This is a case of financial terrorism by public servants - communists.
So formula is Gross Sales minus taxes = Sales after taxes minus all expenses= profit or loss.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday released final rules for a new tax on medical devices, products ranging from surgical sutures to knee replacement implants, that starts next year as part of President Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare law.

The 2.3-percent tax must be paid, effective after December 31, by device-makers on their gross sales. The tax is expected to raise $29 billion in government revenues through 2022.

Inflation - Price increases are caused by speculators trading commodities and all derivatives on high margin or debt .

To fix this problem, we must require higher capital requirement to reduce the leverage.
See recent regulation to provide higher capital requirements applicable to commodity trading.
The prices of commodities went down.

Silver futures headed for the steepest weekly decline since at least 1975 as an increase in margin requirements and slump in commodities from copper to oil prompted investors to sell precious metals. Gold is set for the biggest drop since the week to Feb. 27, 2009.

Require to provide 100% of own capital to exterminate all high leveraged Ponzi Scheme speculators playing commodity markets and all other derivatives. Too big to fail? , increase capital requirement to reduce leverage.

Kill the Oil Speculators: Raise Margin Requirements, Force Physical...

Links to definitions and data.


Consumer Price Index

Commodity price Index

Charts-statistical data.

Obama - energy prices will increase under Cap and Trade regulation=hidden tax.

See how savages are thinking, always wrong. He is wrong if he thinks that increasing the prices of energy by taxation or cap and trade-regulation will increase Tax Revenue.
I saw also that Obama- communist-community organizer will give Bolshevik slaves electricity- subsidies - free stuff.
We should not expect any freedom or prosperity when you elect communist, community organizer who has no education or idea about business or does not know basic algebra and % calculation.
All savages want to live in a civilized world for free but they do not want to comply with the civilized rule of law. This must end and there is only one solution - revolution against all barbarians who are terrorizing us and extorting welfare , bail-outs for own reproduction.

See video- Obama on energy prices.

Trade Imbalances-Offshoring.

Public servants exterminated American jobs, domestic production...
Implement balanced trade now. Demand also that foreign exporters must produce their products and services in USA, subject to USA Antitrust Laws to prevent the creation of monopolies and predatory price fixing, limiting also their market share to maintain strong competitive forces. Most foreign corporations are dumping their products with no limits, exterminating our jobs, domestic production... and this must end now!


Ron Paul on FED and inflation.
There was no legal authority or Constitutional  authority to create FED by Congress.
FED is creating inflation by printing money.  People lost more than  95 % of purchasing power since the creation of FED.
FED creates collapses of economy by printing money.
This is transfer from poor to rich. The truth is that only few rich individuals or monopolies benefit from  inflation.
Ron Paul on Monetary policy. Inflation is a tax. Poor suffer the most. Wealthy benefit from inflation.

Ron Paul: Price Inflation Caused by Federal Reserve

Ron Paul -video
Government is like predatory monopoly, controlling the market and the prices to collect higher taxes on higher prices=inflation. Inflation, it is the transfer of the wealth from the poor to few wealthy. Poor suffer the most.

Ron Paul -video

Congressman Ron Paul Schools Bernanke on the Bailout Plan 
Price fixing, price/market control and lack of Constitutional authority to print the money.

Recognize the crime - It is written in financial statements of companies and industries.

Get financial statements directly form the company and published investments reports like

Value Line Investment Survey,

Standard & Poor's's

They are also published in most brokerage houses like TD Ameritrade or public libraries and universities.

Stop the crime now. Stop illegal market/price control.
Break down all monopolies and predators under Antitrust Laws to increase competitive forces to restore Liberty and Prosperity.

Starvation by inflation is coming, created by NWO- communists -totalitarian price/market control.
Stop illegal price/market control. Fixing the prices up is not inflation, it is a crime. Stop financial terrorism of public servants and illegal monopolies.

The crime is written in financial statements of the company and all industries, based on comparable cost-profit analysis, production cost, net profit margins and all other financial data.

High Net Profit Margins 10-30% indicate the lack of competitive forces, crime, corruption, price fixing and illegal price- market control.

In competitive markets/industries like computers and retailers, Net Profit Margins are only 2- 5% and all people/ businesses benefit and prosper from lower prices..

The crime against us is everywhere and it is created by public servants and predatory monopolies.

USA, Liberty!, defend U.S. Constitution, defend capitalism-free market system, the key to freedom and prosperity as protected by antitrust laws against all monopolies -market/price control.
The wealth is redistributed by competitive forces to the benefit of all people, not few in the form of lower prices and better quality products/services.

The lack of competitive forces leads to the creation of monopolies, market/price control and results in inflation-price increases =poverty.

Monopolies are not legal because they create dictatorship system structure, destroy our liberty and prosperity. Monopolies=high prices and inflation, it is the transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to few wealthy and parasites.
See related articles

Destroy NWO- current communism system structure and restore our America to Constitution

See financial terrorism and idiocy of public servants, fire them. They are parasites, looting everywhere from us is the form of taxes, subsidies, bail-outs, grants, government contracts, in the name of social justice "for the poor" while the poor is getting poorer and homeless.

Terminate the Federal Reserve System - Ponzi Scheme and financial terrorist. Collapsed our economy and extorted  more than $23Trillion in illegal bail-outs.

Destroy Gestapo bank -the FED -illegal Ponzi Scheme. Take these criminals to jail , confiscate what was stolen.
Bail-outs- criminals. The money stolen from the U.S. Treasury and the American people

High health care cost, illegal price-market control.
See the largest crime and corruption in the world from government monopoly- Medicare.
Most people can not afford to pay for simple basic health insurance and drugs due to price control in Medicare and whole health care industry.

Stop national debt. Large debt and interest paid is a transfer of the wealth from the poor people and middle class to the wealthy. Repayment of the debt and interest might take whole tax revenue and no money would be left for Social Security, Veterans, Military, Defense...
Government nationalized Fannie, Freddie mortgages and they are looting from us, producing losses and charging us with the debt.

The price of oil. Illegal price/market control.

Public servants are paid to comply with Antitrust Laws - the Sherman Antitrust Law. They do not do their job.

Break down all financial terrorists in oil industry.

See this, total production ...cost in Middle East is $12.00 in the Gulf of Mexico is $45.00 but today's price is more than $100.00. This indicates illegal price/market control.

This is the transfer of the wealth from the poor and middle class to few wealthy parasites and monopolies, keeping the control of oil prices and market share.
We need to break down illegal monopolies-price market control and the idiocy-incompetency of public servants.

We should live in prosperity and work less due to the advancements in technology but we are moving back to the stone ages under NWO- communism, the dictatorship system.
Suppressed technologies-Inventions
Total government and monopoly control to make money on us, to keep totalitarian control and the slavery. Tesla, Hutchison, WTC 9/11, Space War, UFO-made in U.S. - staging terrorism by ET and more.
See communists = terrorists  in government looting from us.

Total price/market control by Illuminati, expect price-market control, artificial inflation to starvation 

Government Takeover of Our Food Supply and all resources. Corruption. Financial interest of Monsanto and George Soros.

Dictatorship  Control  - all resources are under control

Nuclear Armageddon if WWIII Starts: Lyndon LaRouche Reports 1/5, with Alex Jones 

This is the plan to start WWIII Israel-Iran-Syria, to destroy Middle East including Israel.

U.S. Military is controlled by British Empire- British -Jewish Zionist communists and their global monetary system from the City of London –Tax free –off shore British controlled territory.

Economy collapsed and Zionists in power took the control of global resources and they will create the poverty-starvation to control the people through price/market control.
Most Jewish people, black people, Hispanic people and all other minorities are communists, uneducated peasants, Jewish communist slaves-prostitutes and they made their vote for their Master- Jewish communist Marxist-Obama -British Zionist agent controlled by international Jewish Zionist banking criminals, the same criminal element who created all wars and Genocide –Holocaust
including killing of Jewish people. They should bow now to their Master –Obama.

All communist slaves-paid Jewish prostitutes will not get any exemption, they are chosen by Satan, they supported ADL., AIPAC, Satanic- Zionist Media, Zionist Jewish bank – the FED and they will burn in hell.

It is very sad that innocent people are suffering now because of Jewish communists and their paid communists slaves -Jewish communist prostitutes waiting for the death in mass extermination- Jewish FEMA camps.

Nuclear Armageddon if WWIII Starts: Lyndon LaRouche Reports 1/5, with Alex Jones 

Emergency Webcast: Nobody will Survive this War
I share the opinion about this coming war. Zionist Bolsheviks are behind it, it was planned and written long time ago by NWO-Masters. Jewish communists prostitutes and their communist slaves... served them very well and they will get permanent welfare-bail-out state in the hell. Congratulation.
Emergency Webcast: "Nobody will Survive this War"

Illegal price/market control - FOOD market
People are starving because of illegal price control. Comply with U.S. Constitution now or die like a welfare-bail-out slave from starvation. 
Rising Food Prices: Why Wall Street Is Partially to Blame
That new development, he notes, is th
e exponential growth of commodity derivatives. U.S. derivatives trading in wheat alone has surged from $10 billion to $300 billion in less than a year, says Kaufman. "Speculators are completely overwhelming" the commodity futures market, says Kaufman, "subverting a market that has worked so well for over a hundred years."

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